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Author Topic: Please un-nerf the Drill...  (Read 110 times)


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Please un-nerf the Drill...
« on: September 24, 2017, 07:10:28 PM »

The Drill is supposed to be an end-game type tool, is it not? Am I correct in assuming that it represents the top-tier of digging tools?

I ask because the Drill... is really not that impressive - at least, not anymore. I could swear that in beta versions the Drill could cut through dirt, stone and rock like a hot knife through butter. I remember being very impressed with it the first time I tried it. Though, I also complained about how it did not return any materials from digging... not even dirt. (Now, it does return very tiny amounts of the usual materials, including - on occasion - 1 unit of Copper or Iron. Though, often, it returns zero anything.) The Drill was super-impressive, but offset by the fact that it did not return any resources (or very little), making it useless as a mining tool.

As I recall, the Drill used to cut through material effortlessly, whether it was Dirt, Stone, Limestone, Marble or Ore. And I seem to recall it cutting a square-shaped opening into a cliff side, but with an extra long shape (rectangular in length). Granted, the digging system has been changed significantly over the versions. And I'm not alone in saying that new system is a huge improvement. But, now, the Drill only digs one voxel layer deep. That is, the digging box is much smaller than it used to be - no more than half the old size, possibly much less.  And, at that, it will not drill through tough materials like Marble in one hit.

Amazingly, even the top-tier digging implement that the Drill is supposed to represent, still takes two hits to dig through Marble. This makes the Drill quite a bit slower than I remember it. (Oh, and Marble is still the most common type of terrain voxel, so it usually takes two hits to dig through anything.)
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