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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

Author Topic: My time with Portia Alpha 2.1 - Feedback dump  (Read 538 times)


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My time with Portia Alpha 2.1 - Feedback dump
« on: September 24, 2017, 05:29:26 AM »

Things I love about the game
- I love the soft and vibrant art style, it is a nice heartwarming aesthetic in contrast to most games these days, which are generally realistic and gritty.
- I love the sprawling open landscapes and the huge ruins and other landmarks visible in the distance. There's already a strong sense of scale even if the playable area isn't all available yet.
- I love that when you hold a catfish your hand is stuck inside it's mouth.  ;D
- I love the attention to detail and variety, especially in the town.
- I love the variety in gameplay offered by minigames.

Things I love... less
- I'm not a fan of the "you need a better axe/pickaxe" hard wall in the gathering system, it feels a bit contrived. Personally I would prefer that even a simple axe could be used on a huge tree, but at a very inefficient rate (30-40 swings to chop it down). It could still be balanced by the time/stamina cost compared to a more advanced tool. That being said, I can understand how the current system gives a bit more control to the game designers in the game's pacing.
- While I'm mostly used to the camera smoothing now, it kind of bugged me at first since I'm used to having precise camera control in other games. Perhaps make it an optional feature in case people want to disable it.
- The snakes (Desert Hoppers) that live across the bridge drop fur, even though they don't look very furry.
- Texture resolution seems to be somewhat inconsistent, most noticeably on the signs posted around town. (clear: ex1 - ex2, blurry: ex1)
- I'm not sure if the current plot is what's intended for the final release, but it doesn't really excite me. It's similar to other games in this genre, but I would prefer some sort of conflict and/or character building in the beginning of the game to get me excited and invested in my character and my workshop.
  - Maybe instead of inheriting a peaceful shack from a beloved father, you instead find that your father (or uncle/mentor/whoever) was instead shunned by the local community in Portia for conducting secret experiments on machines until one day they vanished and were never heard from again. As such, many of the local townsfolk don't trust you when you first arrive and you have to slowly earn their trust through hard work. Things go well until you find pieces of your father's journal in the dungeon which leads to you discovering a dark and dangerous secret... etc. I think you get the idea :)
  - Perhaps build more of a conflict between the scientists and the church and allow the player to help one side or the other, or a mix of both (seems like you're already going in this direction).
  - The overall story doesn't have to be anything too dark or mature, but as it is right now I don't really feel like there's much motivation to move forward in the game other than setting my own personal goals. My character is just kind of along for the ride.
- I would prefer that when I pick up an item it goes into my backpack rather than my hotbar. Most of the time the things I am picking up are not things I need to use anytime soon, and I don't like having random items on my hotbar, so I almost always end up opening my inventory and moving things around after I pick stuff up.
- Sometimes I only want to move a specific amount of an item rather than the entire stack, it would be nice if we had a way to split a stack of items into two smaller ones.
- When I am moving items from one inventory to another, it would be nice if stacks of the same item type automatically combined instead of me having to do it manually by dragging one onto the other or by pressing the 'Sort' button.
- Game time advances during the short fade-in transitions when you are entering a new area or closing a menu, even though you can't control your character. These transitions are short so it's not a huge issue, but it would be nice if either time was frozen while you were, or if you could control your character during the fade time.
- The first time you head over to the abandoned ruins you likely won't have enough gold to enter yet. It might be nice if the Civil Corps could give you a voucher to enter once for free after they introduce you to the ruins.

Things I would love to see
- Custom hotkeys please!
- It would be nice to get some sort of seeds that could be used to plant trees. This could both increase efficiency in gathering as well as allow the player to beautify the world.