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Author Topic: Organic Fertilizer is Manure, Water and... Iron? IRON?!  (Read 628 times)


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Organic Fertilizer is Manure, Water and... Iron? IRON?!
« on: September 22, 2017, 07:29:35 PM »

I like the fact that PE has scripts for both a chemical Fertilizer and an Organic Fertilizer. And I like how the Manure for Organic Fertilizer calls for Charcoal as this very much reflects cutting edge agricultural science, such as the recent discoveries about "Terra Preta" and Biochar. However, there is something very, very wrong with your formula:

Manure Script calls for:
1x Animal Feces
5x Water
2x Charcoal

Organic Fertilizer Script calls for:
1x Manure
1x Water
1x Iron

Why does your Organic Fertilizer Script call for Iron of all things?! :o And why is it equal parts Manure, Water and Iron? That makes no sense. Even as an iron compound, that much Iron would not be soluble. While I'm no expert, I would imagine that this much would be toxic to plants.

I may be no chemist, but I did okay in my chemistry classes in college. And I not only grew up on a farm, I've been gardening for several years on my own.

What the Organic Fertilizer Script should call for, instead of Iron, is Limestone. Every gardener worth his salt will tell you that you need to balance Manure with Lime. That's because Manure is very acidic and will burn plants unless the pH is increased, which Lime is very good at since it is basic. Moreover, Limestone is rich in minerals that plants need. Limestone is mostly calcium carbonate. Earth plants that don't get enough calcium will suffer calcium deficiency, which can seriously impact plant health and drastically reduce yield. Certain kinds of Limestone are also rich in magnesium, another important mineral for plants.

Mixed in the proper ratio, Manure and Lime balance each other out very well.

Aside from replacing Iron with Limestone, I also think that your Manure Script calls for too much Water and not enough Animal Feces. If you mix 5 parts Water to 1 Part Animal Feces, then you will end up with very ****ty Water, not Manure. :-\ It would be soup or, at most thin mud, not anything close to a solid. You should probably make Manure equal parts: 1x Manure, 1x Water, and 1x Charcoal. Certainly, you don't want any more than 2x Water for every 1x Manure.
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