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Author Topic: Why does Vera Novikova leave the player's party after Intersolar Diplomacy?  (Read 605 times)


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I find it a bit immersion-breaking how Vera Novikova leaves the player's party immediately after "Intersolar Diplomacy" - that is, immediately after confronting Governor Skyrunner in the Martian Colony and asking her the big question.

Why would Vera Novikova run off into the wilderness and go back to the Earth Camp alone and on foot? Wouldn't make more sense for her to accompany the player character back to Earth camp, both because it would be much safer as a group and how it would (presumably) be faster?

I mean, immediately after "Intersolar Diplomacy" starts (after "Ask Ataro"), Vera talks about how she hopes that they avoid the quote, "Monsters" as how they are described sounds scary. Does this sound like someone who is comfortable with trekking all the way back to Earth Camp all by herself and on foot? (Myself, I flew there in an airship. Because, why not? I already built the airship and it has plenty of fuel left.)

Besides, the completion of "Intersolar Diplomacy" starts the "Civil Cooperation" mission, which has the player go back to Earth Camp to talk with Ataro again. The player is heading straight back to Earth Camp anyway. So, why wouldn't Vera want to hitch a ride?