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Author Topic: Maybe have sleep cycles close to human norm?  (Read 606 times)


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Maybe have sleep cycles close to human norm?
« on: September 21, 2017, 04:58:26 PM »

I do appreciate that periodic sleep is a necessity in PE. And I like the way that it is implemented, complete with a "tired" state that causes problems for the player. It adds greater depth of realism and a sense of immersion.

That said, I find it annoying that the player's (and followers') sleep cycle does not come even close to syncing with planet Maria's day/night cycle.

Granted, one should not expect the days on extraterrestrial planets to match Earth's 24 hour (23 hours and 56 minutes) period. Some planets have very long days, while some have short days, and many are in between. For example, planet Venus has an exceptionally long day which is equivalent to 116.75 Earth days. However, some planets have a day which is similar to Earth's. The Martian day is 24 hours, 37 minutes, and 22 seconds, which is only about 40 minutes longer than Earth's.

Assuming that the time indicator in our interface indicates hours and minutes as we know them, the days on Maria are indicated by the passing of 26 hours (from 00:00 to 25:59). This is not too different from Earth time.

As such, one would expect humans to be able to get enough sleep to last through a day on Maria without having to take naps. At least, one should be able to get through a day without having to take long naps.

Well, it turns out the (in-game) reality is not what one would expect. Yes, 8 hours in-game is enough to replenish one's Comfort bar to full. But, in my experience, one's Comfort bar gets drained long, long before the day has run it's course. I could get up around 5:00 or 6:00 with full Comfort and my Comfort Bar would not even last long enough for dusk. It runs out around (15:00 or 16:00). Even with a 2 hour nap, it would run out around 18:00. And when I say my Comfort runs out that fast, I'm talking about days in which my character is not mining or doing anything strenuous.

Please, have our Comfort bar last long enough to get through a Marian day. I get tired of having to spam / repeat Comfort Shots all the time just to get through the day in a manner that matches Martian days, especially since Comfort Shots require Blue Anemone, which is rather rare (darned hard to come by) in Story Mode. (Blue Anemone can be found in certain areas, but only in rather small numbers. And, despite the plant itself being huge, picking it only ever yields 1 (one) unit! :( )

PS: Perhaps the devs do not realize that the minimum amount of sleep required for humans varies by person? Generally speaking, men often require 8 hours to feel fully rested, while women can often get away with 6 or 7 hours to feel fully rested. This is the medical minimum recommendation, anyway. And this does vary from person to person. My point being that even the 8 hour in-game requirement for restoring Comfort to full is a bit excessive. Many people get by with less.
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