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Author Topic: Why disallow Fuel Cell Type 02 from ground vehicles?  (Read 73 times)


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Why disallow Fuel Cell Type 02 from ground vehicles?
« on: September 21, 2017, 02:45:15 PM »

I applaud how boats, aerial vehicles and helicopters all allow a variety of fuel cells, from Fuel Cell Type 01 all the way up to Fuel Cell Type 04. Variety and options are a good thing and it allows us to improve our airship designs as we progress, obtaining better and more materials (and/or better scripts). I also applaud how we are allowed to add up to 32 Fuel Cells to airships.

However, I am disappointed in how restrictive land vehicles are in terms of fuel cells. Ground vehicles in PE come in a variety of sizes, from tiny one-seat, two wheel scooters to monster land behemoths with 16 (or more) wheels. However, regardless of how big we make our ground vehicles, we are still limited to a maximum of eight fuel cells and, at that, are limited exclusively to Fuel Cell Type 01? How does this make sense?

To be fair, airships and helicopters naturally burn fuel faster, as they burn fuel just to stay aloft. And airships, helicopters, and boats in PE tend to be mid to late game and are, generally, heavily laden with lots and lots of heavy weapons, making them burn fuel faster.

However, I've seen plenty of ground vehicles that are bristling with heavy weapons. And while there are some weapons that ground vehicles can not mount (such as Missile Silos and Torpedoes), they can mount most weapons, including Aircraft Machine Guns, Aircraft Laser Guns, and large stuff like Naval Guns and Controlled Turrets. In other words, they can be nearly the energy hog that large gunboats and combat airships can become.

Why? Why can't we mount more than 8 Fuel Cells? And why can't we mount - at the least - Fuel Cell Type 02 or even 03?