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Author Topic: Please, allow us to swap Sword/Axe/Dagger/Greatsword hilts!  (Read 581 times)


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Please, allow us to swap Sword/Axe/Dagger/Greatsword hilts!
« on: September 09, 2017, 07:11:21 AM »

Is there any reason why players should be prevented from swapping out a hilt? Is there some game balance issue or some fundamental aspect of the Creation system which either makes this impossible or which should not be done?

I ask because this suggestion of allowing us to swap between a Sword and Axe hilt has been suggested before. And, due to the lack of any response and due to the lack of it being implemented, I would assume the idea has been either forgotten or shot down for some reason.

Even though the Axe was added some time ago, there still are not many true Axe ISO's (with an Axe Handle) to download. Actually, there are quite a few ISO's in the shape of an Axe or Halberd, many with "Axe" right in the name. However, almost all of these are technically swords as they have a Copper Sword Hilt instead of an Axe Handle. Many of these Sword "Axes" were released before the Axe Handle was added to the game, but not all. Some are more recent.

I don't blame players for refusing to design Axes with an Axe Handle, because the Axe Handle severely limits the Attack power for some weird reason. Compared to sword ISOs, axe ISOs are very weak and pathetic. Again, this was brought up before. But, again, nobody replied.

Now, we have the Greatsword Hilt and Dagger Hilt. Part of me rejoices at added variety and new features for PE. But, part of my wants to cry. Searching the Workshop, I could only find one or two Greatswords and only a few Daggers. (I could count all the Greatswords and Daggers I found on one hand.)

There is a really obvious solution to provide players with a much wider range of Axes, Greatswords and Daggers: Give us the ability to swap out a Copper Sword Hilt for an Axe Handle or a Greatsword or Dagger Hilt... Bam! Instant selection of "new" Axes, Greatswords and Daggers.

Like axes, there are already many, many ISO's in the shape of Greatswords and Daggers, but which use the Copper Sword Hilt. And I do not blame ISO creators for not having the motivation to painstakingly recreate their Axe, Greatsword or Dagger masterpieces voxel by voxel just because we are not allowed to swap out a part.

I mean... we are allowed to swap out other parts. We can swap out engines, tires, weapons and other parts in vehicles. We can even swap out various muzzles and grips on guns. So, why can't we swap out hilts?