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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

Author Topic: Multiple suggestions  (Read 418 times)


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Multiple suggestions
« on: August 23, 2017, 04:50:54 AM »

-get rid of the crafting categories. why shouldn't i have a plane with a bed in it? or a car that can fly? or swim?
-text fix. some of the text reads like it wasn't proofread. i, or any other fan could fix them for you.
-windows. Why not have craftable windows. i thought this was some sort of bug at first, because surely if you implemented doors you could also implement windows. what the hell?
-fix the intro sequence sound. just overlay an alarm and some crashing noise.
-ease the base requirements. No bases underground and underwater? Why the hell not? I can absolutely not see any issues here, especially since you can already cover the bases with ground after building them
-fix animal taming. I couldn't ride a single animal for the whole game. additionally the ridiculously cute small animals i'd want to keep around without the turrets shooting them.
-fix helmets. a helmet that leaves the neck completely bare is not very good a protection. why not have a seamless connection between the bodyarmor and the helmet? also why not have transparent face masks?
-single beds. because individual rooms for colonists are nicer than just group dormitories
-fix colonist movement. i'm kinda sick of people literally sliding around on their butts all the time. just make the two behaviors of moving and sitting exclusive.
-fix teleporting colonists. it's one thing that companions teleport close to me, and a different thing that colonists teleport around the perimeter of the colony constantly
-implement placeable water voxels. there are already water voxels in game, why not have them be placeable
-fix David giving you Puja missions before you even know the name of the aliens, right when you encounter him in one of the bases.

-why are the base elements not customizable? Why couldn't they be built in the creation editor. the antenna being built there would also be nicer, and like the antenna other base parts could be built similarly 
-why not have a flying or swimming base? the engine certainly would allow for it. implementing this would allow spacestations as well, just make the base parts craftable in the creation editor so one can place them inside creations. the only thing new that would have to be implemented is to connect creations rigidly
-anchoring connections rigidly in the world. to the world or to each other. because any vehicle flapping about when colliding with someone looks dumb.
-implement glass blocks. I realize this would be hard, with the textures and the players possibly being able to see inside of other things, but why not do it like you did with water? just make the glass voxel/block not connect with the surrounding voxels/blocks.
-make more things placeable in the creation editor. you have a bed, but can't make a chair you can sit on, and you can't make base elements
-have the possibility of two different bases. because why not.
-is an extension after the cliffhanger ending to the northern continent planned?