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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

Author Topic: Just some thoughts after playing alpha 1.0  (Read 1227 times)


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Just some thoughts after playing alpha 1.0
« on: July 22, 2017, 12:00:19 AM »

The following are my thoughts after finishing all main objectives in Portia alpha 1.0.  Don't know if I should post here, but oh well :)

1.  Need more bachelorettes, Emily, Petra, Sam, Ginger, reporter girl, church girl are the main ones I can think of.  On the other hand, too much bachelors, there's like more than a dozen.  And some people don't have hearts because they are married so it's not moral?  I suggest don't limit any kind of relationship (same sex, human/bear/animal, home wreckers) and leave the choice to main character.

2.  Monsters can enter water, but player can't.  I was fighting a ladybug that goes in water, the message says I can't swim.  The fight resets and I can't fight the ladybug that is now friendly and won't chase me :(

3.  Stone/trees/vines don't replenish naturally? Marbles are hard to come by, I almost can't finish a quest with the old man because I sell tables for money in the beginning.

4.  Time goes too fast, and lack of time is more of a problem than stamina.  Maybe make time slower and provide option for player to sit down and wait? 

5.  Each year has four months only and each month is 28 days.  That means there are not too many festivals per year.  Need more festivals, seriously they are enjoyable and they provide a sense of community, like you belong there with the people.  I complete the bridge on 17th day, so I haven't experienced all the other 3 festivals yet, but first festival is fun.

6.  Need more character dialogues, background stories, and cut scenes/quests.  Many people coming from harvest moon/stardew valley and they want good characters and development.  Are there rival romance in game?  They are good to be included because they show other characters are progressing too.  Also need more scenes among NPCs, not just with the main character.  I haven't started dating with any character or achieved the first heart so I may miss many events, but nonetheless npc stories are important for a game like Portia.

7.  Character's portrait art looks way better than their 3d faces.  If 3d faces match those on portraits, each character will be more pleasing to look at.

8.  Mining and combat are simple, effective, quick, and fun, can't complain here.  Can't wait to see more dungeon areas opened after fixing the bridge :)

9.  I really dig the art style.  It reminds me of Breath of The Wild.  Character customization in the beginning reminds me of the Sims which is great.  Can't wait for more body size options, hair options, mustache, beard, ornaments, etc.  I expect to see more clothes and armors options.  I think lots of gamers like to play dress up games, especially female gamers.

10.  Can the player tame animals in future, as in operating a ranch?  The cows and horses are not interacting so I expect the answer's a no, but it would be great if that's possible.

11.  Voice actings would be great as it makes the characters even better, but that is not the most urgent thing.

12.  Gathering woods and stones require spot-on targeting, sometimes the player needs to step back and retry.  It should be more lenient as many others have pointed out.

13.  Need more different bgm in different locations and cutscenes.

14.  Many npc homes are empty rooms with no furnitures.  I hope each room will be eventually decorated in the final product, and even better if there are npc quests that pay the player to make furnitures for them, or expand the houses for the npcs.

To sum it up, the game has great inspirations and potential, but it needs lots of improvements and toning.  I think this game can be game of the year material if done right, but that requires the devs to keep improving/adding content, and not stopping in the middle to start a new project when the game's not fully done.

The amount of work required can be a bit much.  For a very good game though, I think the devs should take the necessary time and a delayed released date for better product is a good trade-off.

Release a full game at the start, then keep releasing large DLCs/updates for a price, keep the game alive, don't let it die, and let the positive words spread around.  Then your studio will be a great brand in no time.  Keep up the good work :)


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Re: Just some thoughts after playing alpha 1.0
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2017, 04:42:53 AM »

1.  We'll list this in the suggestion list and take it into consideration in further development.

2.  Water is used as one way to limite the land exploring, so characters can't do that currently. Yet if we have other ideas of how to arrange the game play, we'd remove the limit right away.

3.  Stones won't go back, but you can find more in the historical relic. Trees and grasses will go back weekly.

4.  Yeah, we'll discuss this in later development.

5.  Festivals are enjoyful, we'd consider to add more if possible.

6.  Yes, stories are important. We'd add more in game.

7.  We are adding more characters in the game, hope you'll like them.

8.  We're so glad that you like some aspect of our game. We'll keep moving on to make it better.

9.  Ornaments is an issue to be discussed, while body size is not likely to be possible, because it influences the animation on the protagonist. It'd be a big project for our team if we do that, which is limited by our budget.

10.  We're planing to do animal riding in the next several updates, hope you'll like it.

11.  Voice actings would be added before final. At the current state, the story line and scripts are not settled yet.

12.  We'll have a tweak on collecting controll soon.

13.  Our audio engineer is working hard on this now. :D

14.  That's a cool idea. We'd discuss it for sure.


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Re: Just some thoughts after playing alpha 1.0
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2017, 01:08:06 PM »

Wow, thanks for the reply! I hope I don't look like complaining out of ill will, because I like this game.  I bet lots of others are putting this game on their "to play" list.  I am sure the devs have their priorities sorted out, so if I sound stupid, just ignore what I said  ;)

3.  Yeah I can understand stones don't respawn.  They take forever to form in the first place.

9.  There are round characters like gale and slim/tall characters like Django or Gust, so I put the suggestion.  But I can see body sizes can be problematic with many aspects like animation.

13.  Yeah a good soundtrack can certainly make a difference, especially on a sim game where the same task is done repeatedly every day like grinding for resources, or a place that is visited repeatedly.  I was thinking about Nintendo's pokemon series when I typed in my last post.  It is as if each location/road has its own persona.  good luck !  :)