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Author Topic: Using weapons and items while sparing  (Read 323 times)


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Using weapons and items while sparing
« on: July 16, 2017, 06:42:45 PM »

This is a simple bug/glitch that lets you use your sword (and maybe other items) during a spar
So if you suck at fighting someone you can pretty much just kill them with your sword :P

Small update: I tested this glitch on some foods (apples and roasted meat) and using them seems to make your unable to punch even after switching items, it also led to a game crash so i suggest only using a sword for this glitch.

1st step pick up a chicken or duck from the farm next to your house.

2nd step bring the animal to your new victim and interact with them, make sure your sword in equipped before you start.

3rd step just select the spar option.

You will then start the spar with the animal your brought over in your hands

All you have to do is click your attack button once and the duck/chicken will disappear allowing you to use a sword or whatever item you had equipped before hand

I have not tested this bug/glitch very much so i would be interested in hearing if anyone else got this working some other way
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