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Author Topic: Latest Version Dedicated Server Never shows up in List --- Solved[marked]  (Read 463 times)


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UPDATE  05/14/2017

As per the response by Dorist1 on the Steam Forums  the Lobby Server IP has changed to   I performed a file integrity check via the Steam launcher and then edited the server config and launcher files again to match what I had prior and it works now.  Verified with Wireshark and via the PE client.     So.. if you have this problem, please verify your Lobby Server IP is correct and all your files are updated.   Good Luck


I recently decided to come back and Play PE, installed latest version via steam on my Win2008 R2 VM (located in a datacenter) and my computer. I've configured everything to standard using the latest and greatest in the support forums for a guideline, I've started up the server. Netstat shows a bunch of random ports opened in the 50 and 60K ranges and 9900 up on UDP. Great! Not listed. 2 hours later, still not listed. Checked config, double checked ports, relaunched using vanilla as it came settings, still not listed. Get fed up, run wireshark, bunch of traffic between the lobby server ( and my server over UDP port 12534. Its been 4 days now and despite my decade of hosting experience, PE is likely getting removed from my list of fun Coop games as Coop, to me at least, means more then 1 person. No failures in the logs, everything appears to be 100%, even hosting it locally using the exact settings on my end ( to include being logged into Steam) , my game never shows up in the lobby.

Port forwards have included udp/tcp 9900 and every random port thrown up by the PE_SERVER process i could find.

What can I do to remedy this as below is my current hosted list and none of those have an issue.

As a further check, I ran wireshark on my external connection and still never received any return packets from the lobby server, so obviously there's no issue with my port forwards, PE lobby server just hates me.

Screen Shots attached

tshark from firewall side of life

forwarded ports

wireshark from host

taskmgr (yes its running)

netstat of PE opened ports

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