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Author Topic: Motorbike rider positions  (Read 839 times)

Iron Newt

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Motorbike rider positions
« on: May 08, 2017, 01:53:52 PM »

It would be nice if there was either all 3 of the basic rider position options or at lest the "feet under & upright" position was available. The 3 basic rider seat positons on a motorbike are:
1. Feet forwards - the cruiser/touring positon. (Bottom right - the riding position in PE)
2. Feet under & upright - used on naked, adventure, supermoto... (Left, both top & bottom)
3. Feet under & prone - as seen on super sports,  most sci-fi style bikes also the more aggressive naked & sports touring can also be quite prone. (Top right)
see 1/3 down the page here for nice pictures.