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Author Topic: Multiplayer diplomacy  (Read 443 times)


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Multiplayer diplomacy
« on: April 19, 2017, 12:35:45 AM »

In Single Player modes, there is a village elder you can talk to in order to establish relations with NPC factions.  This seems to be missing in MP mode (or they have all been slaughtered).  Is it intended for us to simply annihilate all factions?  That could get boring for new people if everything is gone when they join the server.  It is also boring if fighting is the only option.

Can you make all of the villages rebuild every few months?  Once they are all gone, a lot of the game dynamic is destroyed.  Especially in Co-op mode it is unlikely that you will maintain peace, it is simply too easy for a random person to ruin diplomacy.  It is really easy for the map to be wiped clean by high level players, and then it is no longer interesting for me.  It may not be worthwhile to trade with Factions, but I would still like to see something in the Trade Center, and have the linguistics and diplomacy mean something.

Otherwise it is basically "ok, this server is done, time to move on."  Then you have to hope that a new server will open up so you can move your home to a new world that isn't despoiled.