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Author Topic: Quest and npc bugs [marked]  (Read 60 times)


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Quest and npc bugs [marked]
« on: April 18, 2017, 04:15:14 PM »

I. Little bug. Alfonso didn't give me the quest Brother and Sister, although I told him about Gerdy and talked about him with Gerdy. Only after I arrived in Martian colony for a meeting with the Governor, he had this option. And his words ôLet me mark the location of our settlement on your map" was nonsense, because I was already in a Martian colony.

II. Big bug. During our first meeting with Dr. Aslanov in his conversation was the option "Did you find anything else from Coi?" which made available the appropriate quests. However, I never find any information about Coi before this moment. By this time I was here:
1. The Martians moved from camp to their colony.
2. I explored the desert city with Rol and talked to Ava and Peter, have received information from the Michelson.
3. I built a colony and moved there all colonists from Earth camp and Allen camp.
4. I talked to the Governor Skyrunner, and she suggested the idea of transport. After that I moved Gerdy to Martian colony (see above).
5. I talked with Ataro, and he sent me to look for Michael Wiles.
6. Arriving at Wiles Camp, I got "Follow Viola" quest and immediately went in.
7. Arriving at Viola Camp, I saw Dr. Aslanov. And he already had the dialogue option about Coi.

I still don't have plague in the colony, and I even don't have started the construction of the monorail. (I know about the plague, because I doing a translation in parallel with the passing game, and slightly "getting ahead". But, as I understand, Coi in this point of quests - it's not slightly, but very much ahead.)
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Re: Quest and npc bugs[marked]
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2017, 11:28:13 AM »

New bugs.

I. Feroz Safar remained in Viola Camp after trasferring all of its inhabitants to Player Colony (there is free places in Dwelling Beds). So, only 6 (not 7) colonists moved to Player Colony. And Feroz don't have any dialogue option unless "That's all" (probably must be "And you are?" - "I'm Feroz, I just woke up a week ago, so you probably haven't seen me on the ship..." - from i18n.db), neither at the first meeting, nor later.

II. After that I remembered that one of random NPC disappeared before I build the colony. It is one of two Martian survivors from "Climb up the cliff" quest. So, now I have 8 random NPS in colony:
1. Two NPS from Allen camp.
2. One NPS from Adisa camp (with Pyrophobia quest).
3. Three NPC from Earth camp (with "The Adventurer" quest, with quest about "Bring this person to the grassland biome" and "follower of Ataro" NPS).
4. Only one of two "cliff survivors".
5. One from Viola camp.

I looked old saves and noted that this NPS disappeared after dialogue:

"Alfonzo and Governor Skyrunner setup a Martian base to the East of here, do you want to go there?"
"I don't see the point, we're all humans, why are we falling apart even now..."

And when I next time came to Earth camp, he disappeared. He is also not in the Martian camp, nor in the Martian colony.

III. Now, after problem with Feroz, I mistakenly arrived in the abandoned Martian camp instead of the Martian colony and find here a random Martian NPS, who had already moved to the Маrtian colony (and the camp was empty). Very strange.

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