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Author Topic: Training - removal of micromanagement need  (Read 111 times)

Iron Newt

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Training - removal of micromanagement need
« on: February 11, 2017, 01:53:41 PM »

So currently we have up to 8 instructors and 8 trainees. However to have to explicitly allocate a trainee and instructor for each session, this means you waste loads of time managing the instructors/trainees, it also means that there's absolutely no point in having the ability to assign more than 2 instructors and 2 trainees to the training post (so you have the currently active instructor and trainee and the next instructor and/or trainee for a quick turn around).

What would be great is if you have a bank of instructor which bring teachable skills from which you then form a curriculum for a trainee. The training facility calls the instructors/trainees as needed or the training station becomes available. Eg. Have Ataro, Hitomi, & Vera as instructors then Lau and as a trainee. I set the curriculum as Elite Herbalist, Master Miner, Defence Boost II & Explorer Training III. Lau then has a single 37 minute training session involving all the relevant instructors, rather than the 6 sessions and  having to keep on checking to see if the latest session has finished.

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Re: Training - removal of micromanagement need
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2017, 11:37:30 AM »

It certainly would put a use to having more than one trainer and trainee in office, aswell as eliminate all the extra micromanagement of organizing people.. Having to nitpick select each individual each time for each specific goal tends to consume a lot of extra time and attention.

If there was a type of UI adjustement to be able to simply choose a trainee, and select skills from a list of all the skills currently being offered by all the trainers, and have them swap out automatically, it would ease up on a lot of micromanagement time and player work.