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Author Topic: Dorian's ideas on the Creation System  (Read 490 times)


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Dorian's ideas on the Creation System
« on: February 09, 2017, 04:07:09 PM »

I'm finally building some great stuff with the Creations menu now that I've figured out mirroring and extruding.  But there's still many things lacking that would make it so much better.

I'm hoping to compile a list here of everything it needs.

-Moving materials : You should be able to select a group of materials and move it.  SHIFT+ARROWS extrudes, so maybe ALT+ARROWS moves it.
-Copy Paste : Copy selected materials and paste it.  The pasted materials are then selected automatically and can be moved with ALT+ARROWS.
-Point-to-point lines : You should be able to select and start and end point in the 3D space and have the editor create a line of any given thickness at any angle.
-Bezel line : A curved line created by selecting from point A to point B, and then select a point to "pull" a curve out of the line using a sine/cosine calculation.
-Filled vertex shapes : Select 3 or 4 points in the editor to create corners of a shape, selecting the first point again, or pressing ENTER creates a filled face out of the points.  Similar to drawing a box, but can be done at any angle.
-Weights and durability display : When hovering over materials (wood, steel etc) have a hovering tooltip showing that material's weight a durability for a single point.
-Add calculation for vehicle's speed, or power-to-weight ratio using its weight and the combined power of all wheels/rotors/propellers to give you an idea of how well it can move.

I'm sure there is much more, but this is an ongoing list that I've been compiling the more I use the editor.