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Author Topic: colony building align to block(殖民地的建筑物对齐到建筑方块)  (Read 592 times)


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I don't read Chinese, but I think I can answer this.  Colony buildings (BISOs) DO align to blocks already.  When you are placing them, use PgUp/PgDown to adjust height alignment, arrow keys to adjust lateral movement (forward/back/left/right).  Do NOT try to place using the mouse -- hold the mouse perfectly still, and click once it is in place using the other placement keys.  If you accidentally move the mouse when you click, it will pop back to the initial position and you will have to undo and try again.  It is sometimes useful to place a block near the center of where you want the building to go (an object to point the mouse at), and to mark where one of the corners will be, and use that as a guide when you move the building into place.