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Author Topic: Ok they have redone some of the ISO weapons....Story Mode[marked]  (Read 565 times)


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This is in Story Mode. And in Normal Game Mode.

(Have had some RL stuff to do, so have been out since the last update V 1.05.)Now it's 1.06, and i'm back, and have tried to play the game.

Now my ISO weapons use 5 energy, My Pistol is just a Six shooter now and the Rifle is now a 16 shot. Really....?

The Pistol had a 30 round energy Clip now it's a 6 shot. with 30 round energy clip.

The Rifle Now gets 16 shots and has a energy clip of 80.

The Rifle clips through the head of my Char, should be lined up as it has a small stock with the shoulder. it sticks up and is running inside the side of her head. You can see the Butt of the Rifle stock sticking out the Back right side of her head. And it's in the air.

FPS in the game is very bad, no matter where you are. ( I have a Beasty System) Designed to run games. FPS is way way down. even in the Single digits most of the time.

When i spawn into the Game i'm stuck into the Floor, it takes several min's of running around to get out of it and you are running in one spot.

The Great Repair Machine in the base is useless to use for ISO repairs. Same as the Enhancement machine. The machine does so little now it's not worth the time or effort to use it. Much less the expense.

The ISO weapons can't be repaired using the same components either that i made them with. And now is very expensive to use. Really... ?

It no longer uses the Pigments but the compound that you make Pigments with. It uses water also to do repairs with for my Laser rifles and pistols and wood. None of the things i have made that are ISO's use water or wood, or earth, They are strictly Metals like Alum. and Gold and the Component parts you need to have to make lasers. It's way Cheaper to just make new ones then to use the machines in the base.

The ISO weapons have no real usability in the game now as they are damaged way to much when using them. Cost to much in Ammo to use and They have no longevity. They get damaged in other words way to easily just in using them. Have to repair them a lot. Same with any flying machines in the game they get damaged way to easily.

I have a 4 core CPU that runs at 3.0 gig, with a EVGA GTX 1070, (This has 8 Gig's of on board Hard Ram on the GPU ) And 8 Gig's of hard ram on the Motherboard. Thats 16 gig total, Plus nearly 8 gig's of virtual ram. I have played this game both in regular mode and OCed. makes no difference. My system is set up for performance and heavy gaming. This is a Desktop not a Laptop.

Will get you a copy of the saved game if you still want it.
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