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Author Topic: Let's discuss MP survival. (Griefing backed up by mechanics)[marked]  (Read 1084 times)


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Alright, so survival mode is actually quickly becoming my favorite mode to play in in MP. Why? Because you don't have to share everything with everyone. The problem is, with non-coop modes, becomes stronger player vs player, and while I'm by no means someone who takes joy in other's losses, I don't mind my knife fight with another player once in a while..

However, there are some issues with the current game features that are simply not compatible with Survival mode, and that is that they make it not only makes it easy for people to grief others, but the mechanics enforce their griefing. I'm not talking about the typical "mess someone up for fun" type of griefing, but i'm talking about the type of griefing that completely removes the ability for others to play the game.

Two things i've noticed in the last couple of days of playing the MP survival server is one, the ability for other players to drop colony machines and turrets in an NPC town, surrounding it in a box where players fast travel to and/or spawn in when they first enter the server. This shouldn't be possible. A person first joining the game spawning in on this can do nothing except for the mercy of the griefer. They do not have a place to fast travel to, and they only have a couple seconds to run around before they get destroyed by turrets. Over, and over, until they quit the server, and possibly the game. There are types of griefing that i find acceptable, but then there are others that are just not acceptable, and this is one that is not acceptable.

The second, is the replacing of voxel terrain. This terrain is protected by the system for the players who placed them, and cannot be damaged nor mined by others. While you can't place a roof over a spawn point, lest the person spawning in just spawn ontop of it, you can still easily create a box with a bottle opening to where the players can do nothing to get out. It's also easy to throw anywhere and prevent other players from doing a single thing about it. This is an easy one to resolve too, by allowing voxel terrain to be removed by other players. Whether it be through mining, or deleting in buildmode. Voxel terrain should be used only to fill gaps and for some design. It should not be used to protect colony buildings from all sources of damage (which is what most people use it for, since it can't be damaged by monsters), nor should it be used as an indestructible prison room for other players..

These two items need to be adjusted for survival and vs mode... I really do not want to see people driven away from multiplayer due to how easy it is to prevent any random person from being able to play at all.. Log into a server the first time ever, and by the time you can see the screen, what you're greeted with is a revival shot screen, and all your starting items scattered all over the place? Not my idea of a warm welcome... (no, it was not my first time logging into the server, but not long ago a new player -did- log in, and happened to start their journey in this killchamber.)

The individual in this screenshot has turned softer, and has actually taken some reason to these things, so please do not pick them out. They did, infact, bring this issue to light, and I really think this needs to be addressed.
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Re: Let's discuss MP survival. (Griefing backed up by mechanics)[marked]
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2016, 01:02:21 PM »

this stuff is old , kinda like " voxel trapping" I mentioned in posts couple years ago ,, you think that is bad huh ? you guys havnt even bothered to  **stress test **  your MP have you ? hehe,  you aint seen nothing yet !!   do this --> go watch old Videos ( every person involved in this project)of games like Landmark , Trove , Ark Survival (non Vox) to understand foundational aspects of do's & dont's



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Re: Let's discuss MP survival. (Griefing backed up by mechanics)[marked]
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2016, 03:01:21 AM »

@Luminaire, we'll disable building, digging system, and player colony within town later to prevent these issues.