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Author Topic: Latest Multiplayer Feedback and Bugs[marked]  (Read 830 times)


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Latest Multiplayer Feedback and Bugs[marked]
« on: October 19, 2016, 01:12:29 PM »

Hi Guys,

I've been playing now for some quite some time everyday. Love the game!!!

Please note, I am playing in the Multiplayer Mode Official Survive AD_0
Bug Reporting:

1- Every so often, about 70% of the time, when teleporting back to my home Colony, I fall through the floor. My colony is set high with multiple floors. I can then fall to my death below.
2-Some colonists congregate in one location between Storage Box and Medical, just jerking back and forth trying to get out. Pretty much all through the daylight hours.
3-Some missions where mission giver wants to come with me to kill or do something all must be broken at this time. Once mission is given, there is a Yellow Circle that appears. It would seem I have to go or stand in this circle for the giver to get the mission started. As I enter the circle nothing happens even after waiting for minutes. If I leave, the mission giver then follows me for as long as I delete the mission. It would be nice to get a fix on this so these missions can get done.
4- Crash - Report was sent in - Mission giver told me to kill a giant robot. I died and revived back at the town. When I walked back to where the fight was, my character got locked in a location unable to move. The character then became invisible except for weapons and armor. Unable to do anything I died again. Going back and around, got stuck again and disappearing again. I was able to teleport out of this back to a town. I had to quit the mission, then Kill the Robot and only then did the "Stuck" thing in that area go away
5- Vehicle Sound - I can hear a Heli sound half the map away, same with other players, they can hear me far far away.

Important Feedback:

1- PLEASE put a scroll into the Build/Shapes section. The mouse scroll does not work here and its very aggravating not being able to scroll among the shapes as you are intensely building.
2- On the quick slots, it would be nice to simply use the mouse scroll to scroll between 1-0 with readied items. If I have axe in 1 and sword in 2 and I need to fight quickly, scrolling would be better and quicker to switch these items than having to look down at keyboard to hit the right number, just a thought.
3- Unbreakable Blocks for Colony - This would be a perfect solution against any griefing even in PVP. My suggestion would be that any blocks connected to the Assembly Core, no matter what material or shape, becomes Unbreakable. This way no other player can remove or Grief your home colony. Not sure what your thoughts on this are, but I think it would be ideal to at least have your home base safe.
4- Nudge Object. Since the placement of objects has almost limitless possibilities, once an object is pull out but not yet dropped, a very small nudge capability would be great so you can get that "Perfect Placement" and not have to constantly pick it up. Better yet, in the options section where you can "Pick Up", Have a Nudge Option.

Update: I know you guys did a couple of updates to 0.81 so sorry if some of these has been fixed already.

Just so you know, #3 in the Bug section is still not working.

I'll keep you guys posted if I see anything else.

Thanks and keep up the great job!!!
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Re: Latest Multiplayer Feedback and Bugs[marked]
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2016, 06:57:40 AM »

Bug 3,5 are known ones, and we'll check the rest soon.