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Author Topic: Cannot generate a satisfactory world / Also no resin![marked]  (Read 1115 times)

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Cannot generate a satisfactory world / Also no resin![marked]
« on: October 03, 2016, 08:55:22 PM »

So my first world was a barren desert. I thought no biggie, ill just walk to a different biome. Walk for literally an hour. Decide screw this and delete the world. Next world is a friggin ocean. I remake the world 5 times. All ocean! I see mountains poking out of the water and notice the ground is under water. Set the terrain height to 256. Now it works but the terrain is still really flat. Its decent. Can anyone tell me what setting to set for a jungle biome with lots of mountains and some water? I just want some balance.

Biggest issue. NO RESIN! at all! I have 9k logs and not a single resin. I have chopped every king of tree out there! how do I get resin?????

I am playing a MP Adventure server.
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Re: Cannot generate a satisfactory world / Also no resin!
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2016, 11:00:31 AM »

I *think* (correct me if I'm wrong) that the slider titled "Flatness" is in fact "variability" and the higher the value, the more different biomes you see.
I generated a couple worlds with "Flatness" almost zero & swamp main biome, and these both were utterly flat, endless swamps. I generated a world with "flatness" in 80s & swamp main biome -- lo and behold, there are chunks of different biomes, there are mountains and forests.

Feels like a blind idiot translation to me  >:(
Come on guys, I am Russian but even I can see these things are seriously wrong. It's like these bootleg Photoshop localizations that title the opacity slider "transparency"  :-\

Also, all the sliders require detailed explanations of what they do.
it's too EXPENSIVE in terms of effort invested to find that you generated a ****ty world only after hours of playing.