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Author Topic: [Feedback] Multiplayer b0.6[marked]  (Read 883 times)


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[Feedback] Multiplayer b0.6[marked]
« on: September 16, 2016, 09:12:25 PM »

Soo, I played quite some time now Multiplayer on beta 0.6.

Firstly, on my Own Dedicated server I noticed that the server gets unresponsive after a while of Idle, this Problem is present since A0.7 at least. The Server doesnt throw any Error or Shuts down completly. It just stops, the Runtime counter or wahtever it is, just stops.

Might be that my Server isn´t up to the Task of Running PlanetExplorers (Even though it Runs Ark rather fine, but thats a whole different game, so might my be my server).

Apart from that, now to actual Gameplay on Multiplayer.
I chose the official server "Survive Ad0". There are some things that dim the Experience.

    The ISO download, it shouldn´t be neccessary to always download all the ISOs.
    The Client could just keep track which ISOs are already Present on the Client, and which are needed.
    While its not much to download, but needing it ALWAYS even for a simple Reconect is annoying.

    Its WAY to easy to Cheat in Multiplayer. If the Devs are interested on at least one way to Cheat, I will gladly supply  the data to reproduce per Private Message.
    (For Obvious Reasons not Publicly here)

    It doesnt feel like much Progression is going on.

    The Skilltree (if enabled) is WAY to restrictive. And not very Balanced. You start out VERY slow, much to slow.
    And if you get the First Skillpoint in Replicating Custom Gear you can Create the Biggest Baddest Weaponry and Obliterate Dungeons and get a ****load of Skillpoints. At that point the whole system becomes trivial.
    I dont have much Ideas how to improve that aspect. Except removing the Restriction on which Blocks I can Place. That was the point when I disabled the Skill Trees

    Without the Skilltree:
    I dont know the plans you have for the mentioned "Adventuremode" Patch. But right now, without the SkillTree the only real Progression is:
    Start, Get a Car, Get a Colony, Get a Sick Airplane
    Inbetween there is as good as no progression. Because you can right of the bat build the Best Gear and Vehicles.
    For Example, the first thing I usually do in Adventure is buy a axe handle, a decent Pickaxe and search for Ressources. When I find my first Aluminium I craft a Godlike Axe to fell Trees. Usually I then can Afford any Items I need from Vendors exchanging Wood for Credits.

    To Improve that, I would remove all "High Tech" settlements and Vendors. (Really, I would remove any Vendor that Spawns in the Middle of nowhere). This removes the Possibility to Grind everything with Wood. (Wood is really easy to get with a decent axe).
    Further I would probably add a kind of TechTree, or other way to get the Scripts. So People are forced to "Improve" their Gear, instead of crafting the best right at the start.

    You get all the Time Messages from Followers and Colonies of other People. I dont care about those, I would like to see relevant Messages to my Team only.

    Turrets should only be Visible on the Map for the Team/Player owning them. When I place stationary Defense on my base right now, its like a Beacon: "Come Raid me"

    Apart from that, while early today my Colony and Base was in good Condition. I Noticed this Evening that almost ALL of my Turrets went missing, and I have Strange Holes in my Base.
    First thought is:
    I have NO way to know what Happend to my Base. Was it attacked by a Player? By a Beast? Was it attacked at all? Probably not.
    The Holes in my Base dont look like "Battle Scars", and I dont really think it would be worth to attack my Base just to wreck 8 Laser turrets and 8 Rocket Turrets. (I would at least Assume they SHOULD be effective against players). So I looked around and found out two VERY disturbing things:
    First: I can Just remove Blocks on Other Peoples Colonies in Buildmode. - This could be Prevented if you dont allow BuildMode Changes in other Peoples Colonies
    Second: The Base Defense from Other People dont shoot at me. AND I can just pick them up.

    Edit: It Appears that Freshly Placed turrets recognize other Players as Enemies. I dont know when they Stop defending themselfes.

To be Honest, this bummed me and my friend rather out.
Coming back from Work, only to find out that other People can just pick up your Turrets without any resistance and "Buildmode" holes in your Base.
A Base that I took hours to Design. I sure wont play on a Public server anymore. Wouldn´t be as annoying if my Base would have at least Resisted and there was BattleDamage. But this? Nope, very Annoying.
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Re: [Feedback] Multiplayer b0.6
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2016, 07:47:23 AM »

@LanToaster, we'll check all the bugs and tweak the balance soon. As to the Cheating, can you send the methods to