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Author Topic: Finally!!!ISO Contest Result List “游戏内ISO征集活动”最终结果  (Read 5073 times)


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Hey guys, finally, here comes the result list for the ISO design contest. We've got a lot of designs coming from players all over the world. Now we selected 20 ISOs as templates in our creation system tutorial. We need these template SIMPLE and WITHOUT using any customized materials or textures. So if you are not in the list, please don't feel sad about it. It doesn't mean your work is not good, it's just they are too fancy to be the template in the tutorial…

As promised, we will send out email or message along with steam keys to the players below (one steam key for one template). And we'll also list your name in the game credit. So please keep an eye on your mailbox/message box.  8)

Anyway, here is the list:

Besides, we reeeeeally think it's a shame for some works cannot be shown to other players.:( We've got so many beautiful ISOs... So we decided to post these designs on Facebook, Twitter , Weibo and any other of our social media site, well of course the precondition is that you are comfortable with our decision. If you don't want us to do that, please write us an email about it via

Thank you so much! Have fun in game!  ;)

--------------------------------------------Below is Chinese version 以下是中文版-----------------------------------------



另外,由于本次征集不是以创意或精细程度取胜,而是为了在我们的创建系统中增加更多的实例,因此在活动开始规则公布时,加入了“如载具类ISO不要放置武器,元件数量尽量精简;”以及“不要使用自定义材质和自定义贴图(可以使用系统预置的);”等限制,这让很多网友辛苦制作的ISO本次暂时用不上,为此我们相当遗憾。为了让这部分网友的辛苦不白费,我们会于近期将部分制作精良和极富创意的ISO在FacebookTwitter 微博等社交媒体上发布,并附上制作者ID(如制作者不希望自己的作品被发布,请及时联系我们。。

最后再一次感谢大家,have fun。