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Author Topic: ARK: Survival Evolved  (Read 2580 times)


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ARK: Survival Evolved
« on: June 06, 2015, 03:04:28 PM »

This steam game just entered early access and it scratches the itch of the survival world amongst dinos that has been missing on PE.  Enough so that I think PE devs should take a game break and learn how to do a survival mode from it.

Strong warning early access is not remotely optimized so if you are sensitive to such things do not buy it at early access and give it a bad review because it is unoptimized.  Their target to run better is DX12 later in the year, my GTX 550ti that runs PE OK is way below their LOW settings with their ELITE target currently being TITANX, I had to lower to 720P and it still ran worse than PE.  Takes five minutes to build your server world, but I played for hours in single player last nite and did not have any crashes or glitches other than lagging badly. 

They waited to start EA until level and crafting mechanics was already in the game so that it actually playable and not just a coming soon demo kiddie level - the team is already 40 people for last six months   The lead worked on M$ Hololens so they are huge on VR support, it has good first person already.  Worth watching tutorial vids though because there is absolutely no hand holding.  It has leveled loot 'crates' that help force exploration, they descend in on light beams so there is some hidden unexplained scifi RPG backstory going on.   Supposed to have caves and underwater exploration, but even a wading pond has some high level dinos to eat you so I have no idea yet about that!

Classic height map huge terrain, so no voxel limitation nor terraformin, but Unreal4 engine looks fantastic in the streams I have seen, so I am rushing out to buy a GTX970.  It is the maximum tile size UE4 can do (48sq km) so is a huge island to explore without any cell based tiling pop-in to annoy you.

Single, coop, versus player modes already thousands of servers, many are whitelist only because of the type of troll these games attract.   Single player PVE is a challenge even without hardcore selected, with random respawn after frequent death you are lucky to get your stuff back.   Built a thatch hut and kept trying to get back to it but the tiny dino that killed me was camping it, felt good after the tenth try that I speared it and reclaimed my hut (for now).  All my loot crate stuff expired with my corpses though so I might have to move on.   But I got to keep my huge dino saddle and fancy hat  for getting in as a EA founder so I can look styling if I ever survive long enough to tame one of the big ones for my ride!

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Re: ARK: Survival Evolved
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2015, 07:08:23 AM »

I have played ARK last month and its awesome... though playing alone is really a punishment you NEED to have at least 2 ppl. F.e.: You have 1050 points to learn building recipes, but learning all would cost 2100 points. So you need to split categories between each other. I build structures, while another one learns Weapons and someone else learns the farming recipes. Gained XP are partially shared between all tribe members (If one crafts and gets 1XP, all other members get 0,5XP. Also taming a bigger dino takes time, and while 1 cares for the dino in that time, others defend the place and some gather resources to keep the taming going. (im playing with 8 friends atm)
But beside that i can really recomment this game. Its awesome

Best EA game i have bought in a long time. Oh and it has permanent updates every Mon, Wen and Friday.
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Re: ARK: Survival Evolved
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2015, 03:56:46 PM »

This game is a really good game but sadly it cannot run on all computers, plus it is only 64-bit not 32-bit. But, they have been improving the code alongside adding more stuff and it seems to work better, the servers for the game take less time to start up, and the loading in to a game is faster, but the overall game quality is poor but I always play games for the playability and not the graphics. If anyone buys this game it is great and all but if your computer can barely handle it you can set the launch options to have "-sm4" in it (without quotes) it'll drop the quality but overall its still great!
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