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Author Topic: Robocraft  (Read 1504 times)


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« on: March 17, 2015, 05:40:42 PM »

After playing nearly 100 hours with this game, I have to say they have nailed voxel vehicle combat.  This game has a similar, though blockier style of vehicle creation than PE vehicles , but in combat the game takes advantage of the voxel destruction of vehicles by knocking of pieces of a vehicle that are destroyed and being able to make due with what's left until the voxels connected to the driver seat are destroyed.  There are more aspects to Robocraft combat that I find well polished, but the above is what I found most applicable to compare with PE.  I know PE uses this style of creation and destruction with buildings, but vehicles could really benefit from such a system as well.
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Re: Robocraft
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2015, 02:43:32 AM »

Robocraft was indeed fun for a bit, but the blocky appearence I suppose put me off after a while. Rather than textures melding together actually looking like one solid object, it's very clearly blocks stuck together like a... stack of boxes.. I just couldn't get past that. maybe if the blocks were smaller, or didn't clearly look like the entire thing is just being held by magnetic forces..

PE having a voxel destruction mechanism on vehicles would be pretty cool though... I think Starmade does this, though I've only played an hour of Starmade and have yet to get past the tutorial area, so I can't say for certain that it does.