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Author Topic: What's your dream game?  (Read 5851 times)


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Re: What's your dream game?
« Reply #15 on: July 14, 2014, 05:09:10 AM »

Ok so as for dream games go I want a game where you survive first and foremost hunger implemented and thirst but once you reach a certain point this can be done auto so you dont have to keep opening your inventory also you can build a town where you can recruit friendly citizens but these citizens can go to other settlements that can either be friends or enemies so of course you would have to build a defense system for you town where you can train you settlers in the ways of fighting that you have learnt from your travels and then once some of your villagers are smart enough can train other troops also this game would be first person where you can level up your character with the typical stats in most rpg and also have a skill tree that you can implement so everyone has a choice of how there character develop this would have a single player and coop campaign and then randomly generated terrain maps which you can build and defeat other villages with your friends or against your friends i was thinking of a four content system that would have random villages generated and built in different places once you conquer one island you can then go to the next and conquer to world to win this senariro you would have dungeons and secret places that would be put into a algorithm and generated with different variations each time except in the campaign also you develop technology by doing things and having scientist studying and doing their thing also being able to build buildings and design them how you want or put down a few different types of preassigned building for diffrent purposes also being able to design weapons and vehicles just as you can in PE a game kind of like civ but with a first person side to the game I've acutally been working on a model of this game but with the lack of the ablity to design building people and the like its been a slow process of blocks doing diffrent things learning the process of how to impliment my idea into unity but i am learning slowly but would love to have a game like this on the market


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Re: What's your dream game?
« Reply #16 on: September 13, 2014, 05:58:05 PM »

I want a game where you survive first and foremost hunger implemented and thirst
I've played a game with a detailed human body simulator once, with no such things as hit points whatsoever. A bullet hitting you would leave you crippled or dead. Letting a T-rex or a tiger reach you resulted in end screen stating "Violent Traumatism" as the cause of death. Weather was having a great impact, you had to craft clothing to stave off heat stroke and cold, which were status effects impairing you.

It was "Robinson's Requiem" for MS-DOS. It had beautiful voxel landscapes too, with grass having real volume.

I am nostalgic ever since as *no* game since 1994 was even close to it :(...

As for my dream game? ::) It would be something with layers (not unlike ogres and onions). On a global scale, it would be akin to "Master of Magic" (1994) or "X-Com: UFO Defense" (1994), meaning complex strategy with lots of details. On a local scale, it would be a mix of "Dungeon Keeper" (1997) with building bases and defending them in first person shooter mode, and naval warfare with "FTL" (2012) - like structural damage to battleships. Oh, and a *real* ocean with real waves. The body simulation would be that of "Robinson's Requiem", mitigated by levellable "ki" playing the role of hit-points, protecting your body from structural damage until it runs out. In short, a first person shooter with a simple Diablo-like levelling tree where you can choose between minigun and kame Hame Ha ::)


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Re: What's your dream game?
« Reply #17 on: September 14, 2014, 02:55:29 PM »

D&D has long taken the stance that HP is not meat it a monks ki or just leveled experience that trains you how to take less damage when you do get hit.  Of course many debate it and add critical hit/fumble tables to do wounds for more realism, but that simulationist view goes against the gamist view what HP really are.  And HP do get to be a silly argument against ranged weaponry, that you dodged the bullet from striking your heart.

I am hoping that Planet Explorers adds thirst (they need to improve water collection), they already have hunger (combined with tired), and they really need to get Adventure mode more focused on survival first.  Make the biomes themselves more different, deserts need more water, mountains you can freeze, swamps you can get poison bites.   

The trick to doing these things is make it so that you can have ways to mitigate death with preparation.   I once played Skyrim with FrostFall which freezes you if you have no fur, with Alternate Start which gives you starting equipment in a random location.  Started in a frozen cave near a frozen town and died before I could  even make it to town, because the modder had no idea it should start me with fur (with no way for a noob to skin and kill a critter, because you had to buy the survival camp with portable skinning in town!)

Naked and Afraid is an entertaining show but even they have medics standing by if you get bit because dead players is not fun to watch. Most survivalists go in prepared, where it gets interesting is when you are insufficiently prepared for the unexpected worst.

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Re: What's your dream game?
« Reply #18 on: October 30, 2014, 09:57:06 AM »

World of Starcraft with about 30 crazy content patches, modifiable, virtual reality, building, custom world seeds even maybe. A MMO mass effect game that doesnt get completely gutted and has things added in like base/clan/residence building with mods, virtual reality, seeds blah blah. A savage star wars battlefront that incorporates much of what i want in the previously mentioned games. Ohh a elder scrolls online game that has much of what i previously mentioned would be nice too. actually just roll it all into one game call it world of mass elder starfront lol..yes...perfect oh and only charge $10 for it (could even sprinkle in some zombies too i really like killing zombies)
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Re: What's your dream game?
« Reply #19 on: December 02, 2014, 05:09:58 PM »

I have found one of my dream games one that is highly as immersive as planet explorer itself and that is

It's a basically a rpg game where developers give players the tools to create their own worlds, custom rulesets (means you can code your own combat system or use one of their made if you so wish)

This game is also very similar to neverwinter night 1 since it has full Dungeon Master support or god as to speak who can make adventures in his own server for all the players on the fly.

It is already funded in kickstart (still 10 days to jump in thought) and alpha 1 is coming early 2015
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