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Author Topic: Warning: Do not host from Blackboxservers  (Read 11142 times)

Malus Tepes

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Warning: Do not host from Blackboxservers
« on: April 19, 2014, 07:10:17 PM »

It is come to my attention from a couple threads and several messages sent at me ((apparently I run tech support for server hosters now?)) that blackboxservers that are being sold are not functioning for players of the game community.  Due to fact they were not providing accurate support or were willing to talk to help explain the situation to me unlike hosters of other companies, it is clear they weren't certain about how to handle their own servers in the situation.

They are not a safe hosting site simply taking money to provide a server that they don't even have working.  So please, do not use Blackboxservers hosting in any way shape or form when playing Planet Explorers.  I do highly suggest that if you do plan on paying for a server to be hosted for you, you use a server hosting site which offers a money refund within a few days in case problems like this arise. 
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