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Author Topic: Game Time Clock, Rain, Ground Holes, Water while mining, Portable Storage Case  (Read 1519 times)

Angela Stone

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  I really love this game even with all its current problem areas.
   There are a number of things that really frustrate me right now however.  The daytime goes by way too fast to accomplish much each day, please slooowwww it down or let us control how long daylight lasts.  This is the future and weather control, time dilation, etc should be possible by these advanced colonists.
  It rains way too often on Maria, again being able to reduce or even eliminate rain when desired should be possible.
  Ground holes are so frustrating me I sometimes can not find an area that has no holes to set up a base.  If I create a flat area above ground, I usually either fall through it when logging in getting stuck under the platform.  I have to erase an area above me, destroying it, to be able to jetpack out, make a ladder to climb out, or jump out if close enough.
  Running into water underground while mining in the mountains even though there is no lake or ocean nearby.  This usually happens just before I get to the concentrated ore I have been digging for.  Yuck
  It would be nice to have portable storage case for overflow items.  My NPC helper when bringing back wood also has lots of herbs, excess herbs that eat up lots of pack storage slots.
  Logging into game it would make more sense to have the ground load before the character so wherever player is, on ground, on platform, on mountain top, he lands on location last standing not falling until ground creation completes in the area.
  Being able to sit down on chairs or on a nice rock to admire the surrounding view would be awesome.  Player legs do get tired from constant standing unless sleeping.
  Note for admin > I try to send all the crash dump info whenever it happens during single and multi-player modes of version 0.72, however there are times when the info has been corrupted and the files will not link to send out.  Not sure why it happens but if any part is missing, that is why. 


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You can already choose the weather in adventure mode, but that is the point of the story that wet nights falling into holes with nasty bugs is supposed to be frustrating your goals of stripping the planet of resources.  I just sleep thru bringing my bed in my backpack, easy to fast forward. The old adventure mode did not have any of this yet, always sunny no holes, and yes you could be more productive but it really was too easy and not much of an adventure.   I had way more fun adventuring in this release even though I did not get much accomplished.   There is a build mode if you just want to make stuff without interruption.

Next release should have voxel water, and release after that should be able to dam it up.

Use your  storage chest for extras no need to carry many stacks of thing, in adventure mode you can get it in the store or scripts.    In story mode Doc and Gerdy have them at the start.  Guess I never tried picking it up to see if it goes into inventory or not, I always just left it at base.

First person view sucks, a long ways to go to fix that before worrying about the view from a chair. If you play Skyrim check out the new Immersive First Person View mod - no more yanking to third person watching yourself get into the chair!.  The more they make it like that the more I will be happy (but with improved animation and head tracking for VR)

Never experienced the world fallthru on load, submit a bug on that one.
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I agree, the day go to fast.

Mayor Razor

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and I complain that because it never rains in single player lol  :P