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Author Topic: Playing Multiplayer Adventure Mode CANNOT find Titanium  (Read 24 times)


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Playing Multiplayer Adventure Mode CANNOT find Titanium
« on: February 18, 2019, 08:44:51 AM »

Hello everyone,
Titanium seems to be very rare in adventure mode although I can confirm we have found it in our maps. Easiest way for us to find it is flying around in a VTOL spamming scan....
Thank you n help me asap...
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Re: Playing Multiplayer Adventure Mode CANNOT find Titanium
« Reply #1 on: Today at 01:41:57 AM »

Titanium is not only rare, it is well hidden.  Rarely it is scannable from the surface, but most Titanium deposits must be located by scanning from inside the deep caves.  That requires a LOT of exploring.  If you manage to find a deposit, well for me personally, when I find a deposit I will only mine it AFTER I have leveled up mining on the skill tree to maximum yield and best tools, so that none of it is wasted.

You can get titanium (for repairs and such) by recycling some of the advanced gear, if you find it.  I think SC2 armor and up uses titanium, as well as the assault rifles (for sure level 2 and 3).  I think maybe the plasma rifle too.  You can get enough titanium to keep your armor repaired.  I have also (once) gotten titanium as a drop from something, maybe a level 10 dungeon, but I didn't notice when I picked it up, so I can't say for certain from what or where it dropped.  As a recourse, you can PURCHASE the high level items from vendors (by that time you should be pretty rich anyway) and recycle them for the Titanium.  (Like, for instance, you purchased SC4 armor and want to enhance it, you can buy a bunch of assault rifles and recycle them to get the necessary Titanium, if you haven't found a deposit yet.)

FYI, if you play with height 256 instead of 512, it removes the deep caverns from the map and pushes all of the resources into range of surface scans BUT your deposits will be smaller.  It will also help with surface travel, because chunks will load more quickly, so that the stuttering and invisible walls that you run into will be reduced when traveling at faster than a run (waiting for the chunks to load).  Personally, I like exploring the deep areas and searching for the Titanium, so I live with the chunk loading and shorter glides by choice.
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