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Author Topic: Attack on Maria  (Read 2431 times)

Malus Tepes

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Attack on Maria
« on: January 22, 2014, 05:38:06 AM »

For any of you who don't know about one of the major new animes: Attack on Titan, know about how giant the meme is that eveyrone has to make a parody of it.  I mean, Pokemon, Sailor Mono, DBZ, Minecraft, cookieclicker, etc etc all have parodies of this.  Even Steam has one.  I kid you not.

So, here is my challange for everyone who has hours to waste ((Plus, lets face it... Attack on Planet Explorers, or Attack on Maria = free advertising for us.)) can try to put any kind of fan made Attack on Titan parody stuff here, and first person to make a video for planet explorers doing attack on titan (It has to be a certain quality.  You do have to follow the sequence of the OP.) , gets my undying love.

In addition, Consider this an... Optional for the lulz contest.

To this end, I will personally buy a copy of the game for the winner and get you a forum title.

And before anyone doubts me.
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