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Author Topic: Bugs i found so far  (Read 1054 times)


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Bugs i found so far
« on: January 10, 2014, 02:41:37 PM »

so far

when trying to host an internet game it makes it a lan game
when adding a password to a game it says game version mismatch (weather the password it correct or incorrect)
when creating it only ever makes the game coop adventure I cant have build mode
when in the lobby it says corporation and not cooperation
when in the lobby it always says its on build mode even if you select adventure
some times ( usually after a crash) my bro can not re-join the game it just sits in the lobby saying prepare
when hosting  a LAN (Playing over Hamachi) I leave the game for some time and come on the game had disappeared from the list and I have to recreate it and use the exact same name and seed I am not quite where I was, I don't have all my items, sometime the terrain has all reset, or I have absolutely nothing I am completely naked no starter crate or any other item I used to have

when trying to export an item we just get a message (you creation is being uploaded you will receive it later)
yet other games I got it right away

the reason I host a LAN is me and my bro wanted to play alone but as I mentioned up above when I host an internet game it shows in LAN on my Bros game and I added a pass and it said version mismatch
we even tried him hosting and I Just get cannot connect but he said the same if he hosts it and leave it with a password it says version missmatch

if I hosted a game with the hosting exe will it stop some of the problems I listed above?

no plants are loading so cannot make meds

my brother has noticed while playing on my sever it crashes/errors every time he crafts a copper hilt and there after odd things happen and he crashes or gets disconnects and it will not let him re-join further than the lobby

we also found our pings are higher using the dedicated server loader and he lag loads

ill add more when I find more and or remember
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