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Author Topic: Multiplayer PvP- first taste  (Read 700 times)


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Multiplayer PvP- first taste
« on: January 05, 2014, 03:01:54 PM »

well... I didn't notice it before, but joining a server, you can choose what team you want to be on.
Two people joined a server I was on and joined team 2... therefore I did not see them join, but noticed them when I logged in/out to reload the local terrain data(terrain glitches from time to time, relogging helps)

so I announced to my team that we had company on the server... it was a surprise because it doesn't exactly tell you this or anything when they are on an opposing team. But chat is shared between both teams surprisingly! Oops. Luckily no one saw my chat from the other team.

I snuck over to spawn, scouted around and killed a guy a buncha times... then he cleverly hid behind a Rhino and let me get agro'd. His ally had already logged out before I got there.
It was all in good fun, and I even switched sides and played against my original team as well. we all killed eachother a bit until we got tired.

I suggest people go give multiplayer pvp a try for a bit if you haven't yet.

and for the record: Melee sucks in pvp... the damage is right... but something is off about not being able to hit your opponent. And I noticed my opponents having the same melee difficulty as me- it needs to be fixed.
(I mostly ran around with blaster, but tested out grenades and energy sword as well- grenades rocked!)

Oh, and blasters DO have sound... you only hear it if someone else fires... wtf?