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Author Topic: 'Cancel-able Commands'/'Combat &Combat Movement'/'Targeting'  (Read 1467 times)


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'Cancel-able Commands'/'Combat &Combat Movement'/'Targeting'
« on: November 20, 2012, 12:23:24 AM »

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Cancel-able Commands

I've been playing a0.31 in await of the arrival of a0.4 and have found another suggestion. Cancel-able commands.

The idea behind this is that when you start to dig, loot, collect flowers or craft (With the exception of combat), you start an irreversible command that you can't cancel. There have been times while i've been playing that creatures have attacked and killed me because my player character has decided to stop and pick up the pretty flowers.

If movement was to be able to cancel commands half way though, so that If you start digging and move, it will stop the player character from continuing that command and leave half a hole in the ground or just completely undo what you have done. This could be put on to all actions that the player characters have to do which don't involve movement.

It would in theory act as a extra layer of safety when your roaming your base from yourself. I have personally wandered around my base and just accidentally dug a hole in the wall or dug out a hole in floor.

Combat & Combat Movement

Another suggestion i would make is movement while fighting. At the moment when you attack (even attacking mid-air) your character is stuck in place, allowing the only thing you can do is turn around.

I think i speak for the majority of players when i say we would like to be able to move while attacking, as it feels more fluid and realistic. This would also include dodging while attacking. Making dodge cancel the current order to attack much like what movement would do in my above post.


While in combat it is difficult to see which animal you are attacking when you swing your weapon. I fight multiple mobs all the time and have difficulty knowing which one has the lower health.

My suggestion is to add some kind of targeting system. This could range from a fully functional targeting system that is identical to what world of warcraft has, where you must left click the target to select them showing the mobs health and energy levels in a separate portrait to the player and then right clicking them to attack (or just right click without left clicking)

Or it could be just a basic targeting system, that automatically targets the mobs and shows you which mob you are attacking along with Health and Energy. So if i'm fighting with 2 mobs at once it will indicate which mob of the 2 i'm currently hitting. (Much like the system that is in place now, but with more visual indication of which mob is being attacked)

another idea would be to have Health bars automatically appear above animals when they take damage. So it will automatically show you which mobs you are attacking and what their health levels are like, even if you are not directly in combat or clicking on the mobs themself, as this could be in effect when 2 mobs fight against each other. This would allow for a more strategic way of fighting mobs by ganging up on the strongest guy.

I personally would prefer to have a simpler version of the world of warcraft targeting system.
-Where left clicking a mob has very basic visual indication showing which mob you've selected and it's current health and energy status shown somwhere on the screen. (Checking the Health and Energy levels could possibly only be allowed after creating a certain piece of equipment to scan the animal)
-And where Right clicking a mob will make your player character attack it or attempt to attack it, if it is in range of your attacks. (Changing attack from Left click to Right click would have the added bonus of removing another way the player can accidentally dig, harvest, or chop resources while in combat)

Left click targeting could be improved to join in with another users suggestion of a better visual indication of whether you are correctly hovering over a plant to harvest it with left clicking the mouse and that you are also correctly in range of it.
This could again be improved to include all NPC's, Animals. objects (such as turrets and vehicles) and trees ect, and just basically anything at all that you would even want to hover your mouse over.


I did think of more suggestions while writing this but forgot them mid post. Again this has not been proof-read so it may make no sense at all, but hopefully gets my general ideas across to you.

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