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Author Topic: Marriage / Wedding Acknowledgement from the Townspeople and spouse  (Read 25 times)


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Something I love about this game, is how the NPC's react to the things you do / happens in the game.
Like, building DeeDee Stops or being poisoned by water or Thanking you for doing things.

It felt, awkward, when no one had something to say about my wedding, not even the spouse I married. xD

I think, it is missing / would be in-keeping with how the game currently is. To have townspeople congratulate the player, or not, if they're not exactly happy with or friends with the person you married. (I can imagine, Nora would be slightly reserved if you marry Arlo ((or vice verse)) while Sam might be over-joyed) Similarly, I feel like the spouse you marry should comment on how happy they are / should stay with you for that one day.