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Author Topic: [Switch] Bugs  (Read 84 times)


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[Switch] Bugs
« on: June 03, 2019, 04:29:05 PM »

I have been playing the Switch version a lot likely and I would like to report some bugs ive encountered.

1. game crashes. although rare I have had my game suddenly crash itself. after this happens, loading up for the first time takes considerably longer.

2. Gol notifications stuck on the screen. I have had gol notifications get stuck on the side of the screen, not going away until days later. an example would be a notification that reads "-5000 gols"

3. NPC's will get trapped in crowds or on trees. This happens especially during festivals and events.

4. There is a bug where if I press Y while holding an item it will sometimes remove it and put it back in my inventory. This is especially annoying when fighting and I accidentally press the button.

5. I have gotten stuck in several places in the game where I almost had to reset the game losing my progress that day. I got stuck behind houses and buildings several times in tight corners, and also got stuck on a ledge in the wastelands.

6. Snowballs will sometimes miss targets despite hitting them, making it hard to get the maximum amount of points within a game. I see them hit the characters but they don't act as if they were hit and I don't get points
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