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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

Author Topic: Suggestions for PS4 (maybe for all versions too but since i'm using PS4...)  (Read 86 times)


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Hi! I have suggestions for this awesome game!

1. Extended hotbar (it's a pain having only 8 slots since we have to put tools+weapons+food buffs for quick access) Maybe make it 12 to 16?

2. No cutscenes during animal interaction - I wish we can hug or pet Scraps and my horse without the time-consuming cutscene.

3. Bow (weapon) must be cool to have a bow in this game.

4. Allow submission of commission items that's in your storage (without the need for them to be in your actual inventory)

5. A little farther character distance  - I hope we can adjust the character's distance from the camera just a teeny weeny bit farther so we can enjoy the Majestic View of Portia even more. There are times i feel he's too close to the camera and it makes it hard to jump through obstacles during dungeon fights.

6. more fences and gates :D - so far we only have wood/marble/stone. TBH i just want a nicer version of the wood fence (like the same wood fence and gate only that it looks straighter/well-made compared to the original one

7. Fix for fences - i noticed the fences aren't really designed to be used to create actual partitions (you can't create a closed square using them fences in your yard) i hope this changes, coz being able to create a good-looking fence on a great game like this means everything.

8. Ability to move all yard items (not just the house, stable, worktable etc) when accessing A&G construction's upgrade mode, to make things a lot easier and faster to place.

Thanks for making this great game! It's the best game i've played in the Genre. (dare i say even better than the popular ones. and the MUSIC DAMN!
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