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Author Topic: Quest Bug and Others in Switch Version  (Read 96 times)


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Quest Bug and Others in Switch Version
« on: May 28, 2019, 05:50:23 AM »

After finishing the Lonely Robot quest and the crane quest, it appears that no new quests are appearing, not even Chicken Run. I've tried waiting it out for in-game weeks and reloading to earlier days but nothing seems to be working. I have yet to receive the Portia Bridge quest before this too. I'm playing the Switch version of the game.I also can't seem to interact with the phone booth. Instead of the old prompt giving me the contact info, I am given "Father Mother Son Daughter" which is creepy. Is that that bug too? Photos I place in my house are also upside-down and Scraps won't sleep in his dog house I spent so much on.

Not getting any new quests is very disheartening and has caused me to lose interest in this otherwise great game. This has caused me to stop playing.

I would love to get back into playing....
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