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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

Author Topic: [suggestion] for a next game and congratulations for those who have already done  (Read 189 times)


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First of all I apologize if I have a lack of spelling, I do not handle English so I use the translator to write here.

Secondly, I congratulate you on the game My time in Portia, it is a very funny and unique game because of its content and ambience (independent if it is not 100% finished at this time).
enjoy playing it and I think I'll keep playing it for a while XD.

Now in third my subject, as My time in Portia is already completed within some time I would not like to be forgotten for the time and I think others would not like it either, so I propose if you can create another game like My time in Portia as a base, either its maps and characters (with the same names, as has been seen in other games that have lasted for a long time) so as to have part of a world that can grow more and more, just with another theme as in which happened a few years or before the MTP events, where instead of the protagonist being a carpenter could be a gunsmith for example and the workshop is transformed into an armory that you have to manage and that your mission is to create implements for those who go through dangerous ruins, such as armor, shoes, climbing quits, etc.

I do not know if the idea is good or bad but anyway I leave it to your discretion.

and again congratulations for creating a good game.