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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

Author Topic: New Game Plus / "Hard Mode"  (Read 286 times)


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New Game Plus / "Hard Mode"
« on: February 20, 2019, 04:04:37 PM »

I just finished the game and I satisfied it all, but I think there're many exploit in the game that make it too easy for some people. So I suggest there should be something like a "Hard Mode" to improve challenge for the game by this.

1. Reduce earning from forestry, mining (In late game, all mineral from tree and mine are overwhelmed and likely to be wasted by the time the final quest arrive).
2. Penalties from staying late (reduce HP and stamina recovery for staying late after midnight, 80% for 12AM to 1 AM, 60% for 1AM to 2AM and 50% for 2AM to 3AM; if players unable to arrive bed at 3AM, s/he would send to Dr. Xu's clinic and fined for hospitalization in lieu of Rune Factory / Harvest Moon / Story of Season).
3. Game speed are fixed at 100%.
4. Harsher penalties for miss the commission (fine, reputation, relationship).
5. Relationship are gradually worsen over time (players has to keep up with every characters to maintain their relationship). Livestock's animal percentage will also worse over time.
6. Knocked out by monsters in overworld or hazardous ruins will result in players miss the rest of the day, send back to Dr. Xu's Clinic and fined for hospitalization.
7. Fall from height results in damage. Fall from great height may fatal.
8. Harder sparring, all characters level are grown by the time.
9. Each shop has a limited cash and not reset after the day.
10. Reduce occurrence of relics in mine.
11. A "can't miss" inspection mode.
12. Some kind of "rivals" to beat in quest for relationship (also in lieu of Harvest Moon / Story of season), like Arlo & Nora, Albert & Ginger, Dr. Xu & Phyllis, Remington & Sam, Django & Sonia, Gust & some girl like Petra/Alice/Mei/Lucy. You have the race of time to beat the rival to win their heart, or they'll married and prevent and chance for player to win heart.

For New Game Plus, this setting should offset the difficulty they suffered.

1. For S or better rank workshop, the builder can accept 2 commerce's commission at the time.
2. Greater benefits from commerce's commission.
3. Better profits from clearing hazardous ruins.
4. Museum will provide some cash incentive for fish deposit (visitors can buy a offspring fish from the museum).
5. Tody will buy fish at greater price.
6. Some kind of "NG+" only equipment, ruins, mines, corps.


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Re: New Game Plus / "Hard Mode"
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2019, 02:21:14 PM »

Can't say I like many of these suggestions, it's nice having a game that's just fun to play and not big on punishment or unnecessary grind. I do like the idea of multiple commissions though.