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Author Topic: the adventure of food, and it's massive imbalance!!  (Read 120 times)


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the adventure of food, and it's massive imbalance!!
« on: February 14, 2019, 10:28:50 AM »

So you said you currently focus on bugs and the adventure mode.

If so food needs massive attention and it need it right now as it is still unbalanced since years.

let me list whats wrong and imbalanced and what probably should be improvedXvideos Xnxx Chaturbate

1. no earth plant seeds available by vendors.
2. every kind of healthy food need either a torch or a heat pack.
3. heat pack and torches are WAY too expensive.
4. heat packs are sold by the wrong vendor and only available to quantities of 3.
5. Food ingredients need a long time to grow that's totally out of balance compared to how easily one can farm native food (given it would not be buggy and eaten
by the colonists)

current available foods we theoretically could grow/make on our own:

red mushroom soup (30 food)
roasted meat (80 food)
smoked sausage (60food)
Nuts (30)
puree (20)

any other food will require buying NPC components. And be kinda expensive compred to alternates

BUT, we can grow nuts which can be eaten raw and get puree, and give 30 food. so mushroom soup is entirely pointless in it's price. A single nut has 39 Marian buy price. Selling the torch alone the mushroom soup needs is 56Marians. so buying torches to make that soup is completely out of any balance. In fact selling them and buying a nut would be more proficient at all.

also the feed/value ratio is really bad, just compare the "BBQ Hare" sold from vendors  that's all so wrong I can't actually believe it. Nor do I know where to start. just make an excel sheet and list them to see how broken this is.

6.Heat packs. Why do I need any torches or heatpacks to make food in the colony, the factory replicator is powered by the powerplant it should not cost the torch or the heat pack to make any food at all. (electric stove anyone?)

7. killing a single puja/paja gives loads native food, and this is easy farmable (especially in the dungeons) to rack up thousends of food quickly. And this has not to be paid not to grow at all.

generally it makes currently more sense to raid dungeons and kill high meat value animals to sell meat and buy already prepared food that has a high food/value ration. than growing any food properly. Otherwise growing puree and nuts giving plants is the only way to properly get some easy non money wasting way of food.
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Re: the adventure of food, and it's massive imbalance!!
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2019, 08:55:40 PM »

You are correct that acquiring food is easy.  For the most part, food is accessible to the point that no food needs to be grown at all, and so food is a non-issue except at the very early stages of the game.

For role-playing purposes, this may not appeal to some people, and makes farming an activity of choice rather than necessity, but if you choose to role play and NOT use the easy resources, then by all means you may farm to your heart's content and manually produce resources for yourself and your colony.

To address some of your comments:

Heat packs are easy to make.  All that is necessary is to buy the script... you don't in any way have to rely on vendors to purchase them.  That makes most food recipes simply a matter of having the right ingredients to make it.  Seeds are available in level 4-5 dungeons, and in level 3 and higher towns if you don't find the ones you need in the mid-level dungeons.  Condiments and sugar must be purchased, but they are available from level 3 vendors (if you find them).  Once you have a colony, you can use the Trade Center to access the inventory of any shop that you have previously visited (for a % mark-up) so you do not have to travel to have a constant supply.  The trade center re-stocks about every 10-15 minutes.

Getting to a place that sells the scripts that you need is half of the game.  It is planet EXPLORERS.  If you make it too easy to get things, then what is the point?

I recommend NOT learning any script that uses torches to cook with, because torches cause problems in your colony replicator if you learn those scripts.  Stick with the heat pack recipes.

You are contradicting yourself in your insistence that colonies not use heat sources.  You clamor for more reliance on food-making in one breath and then say it shouldn't be needed in another.

Lastly, the colony can be self sustaining if you learn the Fried Lotus recipe.  This recipe can be fully automated (no planting or harvesting is even necessary) to feed the colony.  For the explorer and companions, one of the best foods (non-native) is Rice Balls.  It is easy to grow in the colony, and easy to make (one ingredient + heat pack), and gives 105 healthy food value.

While farming CAN be done before establishing a colony, it is obviously much easier to manage after a colony is established.

I have explained in numerous other threads how to get natural resources like limestone in abundant supply, so I won't hash through that again here. See:

All in all, I'd say it is a good balance.  People who want to farm can do so, and people who don't want to farm don't really need to.  In case you haven't discovered it yet, there are benefits to eating healthy food... so for those who choose to make the more difficult recipes, there is some benefit to doing it (skill and attribute boosts).

PERSONALLY, the only thing I would change would be to give the more difficult recipes MORE boosts, so that it is worth the effort to make them.  Currently, the benefits seem linear, so there is really no additional benefit to making a harder recipe.  The benefit is the same as eating a lot of smaller ones (except for the benefit of less cool down).
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