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Author Topic: Monorail Stations  (Read 67 times)


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Monorail Stations
« on: December 27, 2018, 01:18:37 PM »

Can the monorail stations please have its own transmitter(s) (or what these reddish light thingies are called you have to place for the actual track) preinstalled at a fixed position?

I don't seem to be able to get the station and the first transmitter positioned in a way such that the station stays positioned horizontally. It always tilts a bit. Or adjust it in such a way that when positioning the station and the transmitter on the same level, e.g. placed block plane, it stays horizontally aligned.

And perhaps adjust the stations height (add a bit at bottom) so that it integrates better with blocks placed on the sides as larger platforms. Either the placed blocks are below the prebuilt platform of the station template and you would have to jump or the blocks cover the prebuilt platform.


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Re: Monorail Stations
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2019, 05:35:14 PM »

the level for the base of the platform should be the same level as the base of the first pylon (joint).  I usually place the joint first, so that when I place the platform, I can see that I am getting a good connection before I drop it into place.  I usually put the joint on a post OUTSIDE a building, and the platform inside.  If you see the pink trail, then you know it is connecting.  If your space is not large enough, then the platform will not place evenly, and will sometimes jump to wherever it can find a connection, and other times will place where you put it but won't connect.

The space required for a N-S connection is 11 spaces wide by 15 spaces high, and approx 35 spaces long for a track end (less for a pass-through platform), measured from the resting level of the base.  This entire area must be clear in order to get a connection.  AFTER the pieces are in place, you can build up around it, but you should leave an area at least 5 wide x 14 high or the connection may be lost.  I usually leave the opening at 9x15, and close it using glass.  Glass blocks do NOT block the rail connection, but gates that open and close DO block the connection.  If you want an enclosed space instead of an open path, use glass to cover the opening.  N-S is much easier to place than E-W, so I tend to build so that my stations are oriented in that direction, when possible.  If for any reason you lose the connection, you have to tear down the entire 11x15x35 space again in order to reestablish the connection.

You can see an example of my station build on the AD2 survival server (skill tree) at the start towns, if the server hasn't reset or the stations griefed for parts.  You can copy the building into an ISO if you like, but placing the pieces still requires skill. Also, you have to remove the glass and possibly a section of the opening, place the monorail, and then rebuild the opening, since the glass has to be placed after the rail pieces.  Also, the building requires some advanced materials, so it is not good for an early build.

EDIT: I don't really have a problem with the scale of the platform.  There is a very small gap (difficult to see) when it is placed precisely.  It is very close to the level of 3 blocks from the base, and is close enough in scale that it doesn't offend my scrutiny. It could be tweaked slightly for a perfect fit, and I know that they did this with the hatch doors earlier on.  It is an easy fix, but it doesn't really seem that far off to me.  Maybe an eighth of a block over the nine block width (a sixteenth on each side), and the slight step down (again only about a sixteenth of a block) works fine for me.
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