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Author Topic: Marble and stone on adventure mode?  (Read 332 times)


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Marble and stone on adventure mode?
« on: December 26, 2018, 09:54:14 AM »

Sure hope someone still visits here... I am so short of those resources that it's ridiculous. You can't scan for them, of course. I haven't had trouble farming up limestone because the red "dirt" on top of the mountains are limestone, but I have hardly any marble or stone, mostly because once you get under the top layer it's just dirt, dirt, dirt. Can anyone give me some tips on getting stone and marble?

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Re: Marble and stone on adventure mode?
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2019, 06:07:23 PM »

sorry I haven't checked this forum in a while... I tend to be on the Steam forum more frequently these days.

There is a trick to getting all of these natural resources.  If you have the skill tree disabled, it is very easy.  If skill tree is enabled, then you have to unlock the terrain block skill (I think 2nd or 3rd tier building skill) in order to do this.

You are able to place terrain blocks of 5 types: stone, dirt (use the grass block for better resources), marble, limestone, and sand.  When you place a terrain block and use a PICK to mine the block, you will receive much more in resources than it took to make the terrain block.  This is true even with a wooden pick.  You can easily manufacture as much as you need.  You can get started by bartering for 2 blocks of any of these materials at a shop, then start placing and mining the terrain blocks.  I usually make a stack (1x1, 2x2, or 3x3) depending on the size of the pick, then use ladders or jet pack to get to the top and use gravity to mine the stack down without having to move. Max voxel placement stack height is 40 terrain blocks, and is also just about the max boost of a type S jet pack (don't miss the landing), and 5 ladders will get you to 12 terrain blocks height.  It is very fast and easy to get all of the sand (for glass/aluminum alloy), grass (sulfer), marble (traces of iron), limestone (decent traces of copper), and stone that you need for your projects, or to simply sell back for cash to buy equipment.

I try to do this on a platform off of the ground, so that I don't mess up the terrain around my build site.  That's just me.  Wooden ladders are an easy low level build, and I think scripts are available in either L1 or L2 towns.  Always use a pick for mining.  Shovels are for clearing terrain, Picks are for gaining resources.

You will always recognize my build, because it will be the one with the 5 resource stacks lined up.  (I leave them there as a decorative/colony piece.)  If you happen upon my build and need resources, feel free to mine my stacks, but please replace the stack before you leave.
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