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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

Author Topic: A List of Suggestions  (Read 481 times)


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A List of Suggestions
« on: October 18, 2018, 03:08:27 AM »

I have thoroughly enjoyed this game for the last six weeks, and I am really excited to see where the main questline will finally deliver us.

I think that it is very exciting to be able to suggest content for such a great game, there are a few things that I’ve been thinking about and I hope my contribution is helpful in any way, shape or form.


I would like to be able to save during the day. There are many nights that I’ve left the computer on because I’ve accidentally fallen asleep and my character’s day is far from over. It’s possible that that may have contributed to a fried CPU… I feel that this function would also benefit Switch players upon release to Nintendo Switch, as if they are casually playing while travelling, I’m sure they would not want to lose all progress should the battery go flat or they have to put the game away in a hurry. Also, wet season is starting where I live, as with the blackouts, and I don’t want to lose progress because of a thunderstorm.

Exit to Desktop

I find it slightly frustrating that, in order to exit to desktop, I have to wait for the game to load the main menu first. Could we please exit to desktop from the game?

Music Changes

I loved the variation of music in Stardew Valley, how it would change between season and player location. I would listen to these songs to fall asleep because they were so calming. There seems to be slight music variation between seasons in portia, but the month takes so long that you could spend a week with the same season. The combat music is also humourous at high levels, whereby the same song is played for a big boss, as it is for murdering llamas, which brings me to my next point.

Shaving llamas

I feel awful for murdering countless llamas in order to gather enough fur to make fabric of some description and I rather wish that I could just shear them instead. The traps seem ineffective for this purpose so can you please make me the blueprint for a set of shears?

Farming questline + Church of light

While I know that farming is not for everyone, I would like to get to know Nora and Lee a little bit more while working with the church of light beyond the random commissions and main story. I would like to be able to upgrade my planters and animal enclosures in a quest to be ethical and empathetic. Also, the animals should be able to be fed without clicking 50 times, maybe I could drop a stack of items in to feed them?

Chests linked to factory

Either I need to be able to control the factory from outside, or I should be able to place a chest that is linked to the other chests in the factory, because I loathe having to go in and out and out and in because I’ve not realised what I’ve needed to stock the factory with, only to repeat the process when trying to make another thing.

House for Huss and Tuss

While was skeptical about going to dinner with Huss and Tuss, I was so heartbroken with what happened next. I feel the need to be able to build them their own house and proper redemption arc. Please, please consider this!


Maybe I’m a narcissist, or maybe I like going out of my way to make other people happy, which I could do in my own quiet way in Stardew Valley by restoring the Community Centre, but I do not feel as necessary to Portia. I feel that everything I’ve done and worked hard for would have happened anyway, I just happened to conveniently be there to get it done quickly. I’d like more impact in developing the community, more direct involvement in suggesting things to make the town better. Not so much complicity in going along with whatever comes my way with no discussion.

Maybe I could choose which projects get worked on first? Maybe I could develop a plot for the community to be able to use, like a park or playground, altering and upgrading it like my house.

Hot Springs and tourists

After developing the hot spring I used it once, in my clothes, nonetheless. I feel there needs more tourists using the tourist attractions, and that the hot spring should require the use of bathers.


I’ve never seen the cafe on the way to the Church of Light used by anyone other than Pinky. I have the desire to turn in into a business either for myself or a new character

Museum item placement

Trying to find the right spot for donating items to the museum is ridiculous, I’ve run around with relics several times, only to find the spot right next to where I started. Maybe, like Animal Crossing, we have the option to pass the items that we are donating onto the museum curator?

A fantastical dream

I had a wonderful dream the other night where I was in Portia, trying to collect all the chests, and the chest on the island next to Amber Island was my next mark. I couldn’t jump into the water and swim (which also annoys me when I accidentally barrel roll in), and the boats were mysteriously stuck still by the port (I’d love to row a boat). So, instead I found a hang glider and glided all the way across the map, onto the island and got the chest. I’ve no idea how I got back home, but I loved being able to fly so freely over the map, rather than stuck on a predetermined hot air balloon loop.

That is all from me for now. Again, I have really enjoyed the game so far and thank you so much for it!!


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Re: A List of Suggestions
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2018, 01:19:23 PM »

A couple of thoughts:

to exit to the desktop , at any time push the "windows" key and the "d "key at the keyboard at the same time, this will take you to your desktop at anytime.
For Portia,  pause your player first so the clock will stop.

A quick save key would be great, I have left computer on lots so I would not lose part of the days actions. 

I like your suggestions ESP the idea of flying around Portia, ever since I have used the jet pack in the  mines I have expected this would happen eventually.

AND YES the chest on the island that you cannot reach is a real problem

I do hope they continue to develop the interactions and options for choices and communications

I am looking forward to what they do next.