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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

Author Topic: A lot of suggestions because I love the game XD.  (Read 615 times)


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A lot of suggestions because I love the game XD.
« on: August 22, 2018, 10:09:23 PM »

Love the game thus far and thus I wanted to contribute something, so I took the time to come up with suggestions. Hope they help!

- Game features

_Birthday cutscenes
_Digging as a skillset
_Insect catching as a skillset
_More weapon variety.

- Changes to NPCs [with some having reasoning(+)]:

_Have npcs talk to each other more often.
_ALL npcs should have a day they close up shop or their respective building.
 +It would allow for more diversity in their schedule routes.
_Mars and his wife should play with their children when they have off. Example building a snowman.
 +You'd think there'd be more family bonding.
_Toby should be seen being scolded more by his mother (Animation-wise).
 +She always seems to be in a worrisome attitude. Hence why I think you should add her scolding her son about getting hurt from time-to-time.
_Make Ginger's favor with gifts increase, but don't allow players to gain favor when she is around her brother Gust.
 +Ginger is mostly around her brother and almost never by herself when she's outside. When you're around a worrisome family member it's hard to disclose confidential info, that's why I suggested this. It keeps a limitation to her character but not one that's too restricting or hard to level up.
_Don't allow player's to gain favor with Gust when he is around his sister.
 +Gust is overprotective of his sister, so under those circumstances I can't fathom why he would want to have a heart-to-heart conversation when she's around. This also adds a limitation aspect to Gust similar to his sister.
_Allow Martha to have a change of goods based on the season, think festivity. (Fruit cake, pumpkin pie, etc.)
_Allow mysterious man to be a romantic interest. (One can dream.)
 +Not only is his character mysterious but just the mask alone makes him seem more interesting than the choices given.
_Change the brothers to each be different (Or preferably, remove them to make way for new love interests.)
 +All their character types are practically the same (generic), and what's more is that they aren't even that attractive. All the girl interests are at least unique, meanwhile these guys take up three slots.
_Make Ginger have more emotion when Fall hits and even more so when Winter becomes a thing.
 +I think it would add to her character.
_There should be a mailman or have Mei also become a mail person and deliver your mail in the morning (You could also route her to deliver EVERYONE's mail in the morning)
_Oaks should be seen or should have some reference of him talking to QQ and Pinky, as he can apparently talk to animals. (Perhaps a simple animation or text indicating he's talked to them before.)
_The Civil Corps should frequent random dungeons based on the season. (They could also help take care of some of the load, if a player schedule's correctly they could have a smooth sailing dungeon.)
_Dungeons should scale with level but also drop new materials based on a scaling level. The level could be set as a simple limiter 1-5 based on thelevel brackets here: [1-20][21-40][41-60][61-80][81-99]. Example if the player is lvl 81 they would enter bracket number 5, the scale would then be 5
 and the levels of the enemies would increase with the drop rate table changing or opening up to new drops.
_NPCs should have the capability of getting sick, especially during the Winter, in which case Dr.Xu and Phyllis will make house visits. (At this time the player should not be allowed to give gifts or raise affection with either of them)
_Albert should have festive items available to be made during a specific season.
_Alice should sell festive items.
_Carol should sell festive clothes.
_Paulie should sell festive furniture.
_Nora should be seen reading more, as well as listening to music on occasion.
_Sonia should be seen talking to Antoine and Emily more.
_NPCs should comment on your weapons or clothing
_NPCs who you are close to should give tips and secrets.
_You should be able to have npcs follow you and help you out with whatever they specialize in.
_You should randomly be invited by NPCs to do things (Fishing, hanging out, tag, treasure hunting, etc)
_NPCs should yell out to you based on friendship level without having to talk to them (What they yell could change based on level)

- More environmental interactions with the NPCs based on their characters and the season. {Also different schedules.}

(Don't know how far this was thought out in terms of character scheduling but if this helps, awesome ^^.)
(Also note their regular schedule will be an option that the npc takes up as well. This could be entirely random or completey scheduled as to when the NPCs differentiate.)
Some suggestions:
(Ginger): Less appearances outside and when doing so will have her brother Gust around almost always. [Sun is becoming more frequent with the exception of rain.]
(Gust): Will spend most of his time with Ginger.
(Papa Bear): Out of hibernation.
(Rosso): Frequenting the Mayor's office or following Gust and his sister.
(Dolly, Jack, Lucy, Molly, Polly, Toby): Summer break, scattered.
(Dolly, Molly): Playing hide n' seek mostly or with family having a picnic.
(Ginger): Almost no outside appearances.
(Gust): Will spend his morning with Ginger inside but will have a regular schedule after.
(Jack): Helping Alice mostly with her shop, but also making deliveries on her behalf.
(Lucy): Frequenting shady areas.
(Polly): Traversing the town waiting for Issac's schedule to co-align or with family having a picnic.
(Rosso): Fishing with the mayor on off days, inside with Ginger, or on his normal route.
(Ginger): More appearances outside at various locations but Gust will be with her through half of the day. [Sun is becoming less frequent.]
(Gust): Regular schedule in the morning away from Ginger, with Ginger in the afternoon, and away from Ginger at night.
(Rosso): Mostly inside the Mayor's office or at the church.
(Dolly, Jack, Lucy, Molly, Polly, Toby): Winter break, scattered.
(Dolly, Molly, Jack, Toby): Snowball fights.
(Ginger): Will spend a good amount of time outside by herself [After escaping from Gust and Russo].
(Gust): Most of the time away from Ginger perhaps recollecting on their mother.
(Issac): In his house reading or talking with Polly, commerce guild, or talking with Mars and Carol.
(Lucy): In her house or in other people's houses talking with them.
(Mei): Delivering presents to people, because tis the season.
(Oaks): Watching over Papa Bear inside, mostly.
(Papa Bear): Hibernating
(Polly): Inside her house reading, at Issac's house talking with him, or at the research center.
(Rosso): At the house.
(Xu): House visits

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Re: A lot of suggestions because I love the game XD.
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2018, 06:46:13 AM »

I have learned and made sense with this forum, so I have a lot of content to do.