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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

Author Topic: Things that I really want in this game and some suggestions.  (Read 72 times)


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First off, let me just say, Well done guys, I have been waiting for a game that can top Harvest Moon or Rune Factory, and you guys did it with a flare (at least for me). I played around for almost 20 hours and is having a blast. Now, let's get to the point.

Things that I want to be in the game:
1. Lockable storage chests.
    -Not the kind that will prevent thieves from stealing llama poops that I store in there, but the kind that excludes the content
    of that chest from being used for crafting. Maybe you guys can add a toggle for storage chests to allow players to switch the
    feature on and off or add a 'safe' of some sort as a craftable item at higher tier worktable which will allow players to do this
    (more content for us anyway).
2. Lifetime stats (because of reasons)
    -A logbook of our own where players can view how many colorful llamas they had killed, lifetime Gols
     collected/gained, number of items crafted (and of which level/tier), or even what I have sold and how many times have I
     sold it, and all the things.
3. More appearance options.
     -I realize that this game is in Early Access and you guys are probably working on more contents and probably
     already have this planned. Still, I do feel the need to ask for more appearance options (because my character ended up
     looking like he is related to Higgins, I don't like that) as well as multiple choices of apparels that have the same stat boosts,
     because at the moment, I noticed 4(?) different sets of apparel (shirt/jackets and pants) but they were all of different level
     and each set have different stats boosts. What I mean is for us to be able to choose from let's say 3 different sets of outfit
     which all have the same stat boosts so we can mix and match. The ol' RPG fun.
4. A way to see the increase and decrease of percentage in item prices from home.
    -I love this system especially. However I prefer not to have to run to the nearest store with my pocket full of furnaces, stone
    stool and other trinkets to see how the prices are today and see if I'm lucky.
5. More perks from social and relationships.
    -I only mean that you guys add perks to certain NPC such as Ginger which only had two perks and Papa Bear which have
    none. Maybe you guys are working on it, but I'm letting you guys know anyway.

1. Spell check guys.
    -I noticed quite a bit of spelling errors from NPC and signs also (I think). It doesn't bother me at all, just thought you
     guys should know if you haven't noticed already.
2. Variety of background for loading screen.
    -Again, you guys are probably already working on this.

This is probably it for now. The community have given their input and most of them already include the other things that I want
in this game. Maybe more will come to me later as I spend more time in the game (and I will). I noticed that a number of community suggested features were implemented so I am (very)hopeful.