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Author Topic: OpenGL Crash on Resolution Switch Running Windowed At or Above native resolution  (Read 35 times)

Mike Loeven

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This is a bit of a problem I discovered and it is most likely an edge case due to the fact that my system is running a multi monitor setup with more than one GPU. However this bug can also be triggered when using a program like Borderless Gaming to enable a fake full screen mode aka border less window (In my opinion someone needs to pass a law making this a mandatory option in newer game because its absolutely necessary for multi-monitor setups)

Essentially there needs to be a patch that enables the game to operate at or exceeding the native resolution of the primary monitor when running in OpenGL mode. This is needed for both the ability to force borderless window mode without resolution loss via 3rd party software as well as for multi monitor setups that require ultra wide resolutions. (tested this with all 3 monitors plugged into the 960 so the issue has nothing to do with mismatched GPU's)

Either way the game should never outright crash because he resolution of the window exceeds the resolution of the monitor since most programs will work just fine with a screen stretched to span multiple monitors.

Additionally this issue does not occur in DirectX mode only OpenGL

System Specs

Windows 7 pro x64
PROCESSOR Intel Core i7-3770
GPU1 GTX960 (Primary Monitor)
GPU2 GTX660 (Monitors 2 - 3 + assigned to Physx/CUDA applications)

Screenshot of error

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