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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

Author Topic: My suggestions (and some questions) (update 2)  (Read 385 times)


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My suggestions (and some questions) (update 2)
« on: June 12, 2018, 01:14:49 AM »

So I'll give my two-cents:

1) Allow to put flooring near the gate - looks weird and makes little sense.
2) Allow to move the gate.
3) Maybe make more field available for purchase - like till the end of the road (in the river direction).
4) BABIES!!! Would be awsome if we could have kids with our spouse that would grow over time to a certain point, with some quests concerning them and duties ;)
5) Allow other pets - for those which prefer something different than pink cat xP
6) Allow to move/rearrange items in the museum or make them appear in fixed places - as it sometimes looks weird when you put some relics near other.
7) Add critical chance bar in the character window.
8 ) Work on secret rooms in mines - they are too empty and quite pointless atm.
9) Add some easter eggs and real secrets to find out ;)
10) I hope we will be able to visit most (If not all) cities mentioned by NPCs - like Vega 5 (maybe DLC idea - or mods at very least xP)
11) Swimming, diving, sailing!
12) Ability to post orders for some items not available for purchase in the newspaper, that would be taken and completed by NPCs.
13) More options in the skill tree.
14) After first time specific item is manually assembled in the station it will be available to do it automatically.
15) More variety in greetings when talking to NPC's.
16) More variety of monsters.
17) Unique quests as stepping stones when moving up with relationship with every NPC. (stranger->associate->buddy->friend-> and so on) Like this quest in which we have  to go and watch sunset with Emily.
18) Add "highlight" button in order to show all names in vicinity (like all named chests - it's annoying to look for specific one when there is plenty of them; or status of plants and animals)
19) Not really needed, but would be helpful to be able to find where is specific person at given time - so some searcher in the map perhaps - maybe available after reaching specific status (friend?) with somebody and giving some kind of machine relic as a gift (GPS) xD
20) Smaller grids or better placed "stuff" - its hard/impossible eg. to make symmetrical path to our house doors  ;(
21) So we have traps for pets now!!! It's time to add fishing nets!
22) Make the details of the clothing change depending on season - like in summer pulled up sleeves and in winter added scarf ;)
23) Skill changes: In battle tier 5, add skill that adds more dmg or attack speed; in social tier 1 it's pointless to take The Giver - as it is way more beneficial to invest in Smooth Talk - balance it.
24) Penalties for not going to bed and/or bonuses for doing so.
25) Not sure if it was added already or not but: dying clothes
26) Make the furnitures in the house usable eg. wardrobe for clothes
27) Kitchen: move most cooking tools (maybe except for grill) to house.
28) Maybe a little basement/dungeon beneath our house?
29) Allow to move the bed and place furniture on its sides.
30) More NPCs selling some other materials: eq hunter in the woods selling all kinds of furs, leathers and other animal parts.
31) Make that the horse wont follow you all the time, but stays where you dismount, but add the whistle so we can summon him (either from any point or in a certain distance).
32) Move the "Parts" tab inside Worktable to first position, as it's the most commonly used tab.
33) Make ACK to clean your stable and feed your mounts!
34) More bullet types - like shocking and exploding.
35) More guns and skills concerning them in the tree.
36) Maybe add the feature to assemble/craft different parts of gun and mods to it?
37) Fishing/sparring championships - either as a multiple stage quests or as yearly events.
38) Quest for teaching Papa Bear how to speak! ;) And later being able to take him out on playdates xD

Questions :
I) Are there any DLCs planned for this game?
II) Will there be mod assistance?
III) What is probable date for full game release?
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