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Author Topic: New Dating Values  (Read 933 times)


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New Dating Values
« on: June 03, 2018, 06:22:28 PM »

Well, it has been a while since I added anything new about dating.  Those who have been around for a while are certainly aware of the recent changes.  I just thought I'd comment on some of them and see what other people think.

1) Dinner dates:  The Dining aspect has either been nerfed or "fixed" so that the reward earned is very little more than playing the other games, instead of the double to nearly triple value that it used to have.  Since you have to pay for dinner and the other games are free, that makes it fairly useless to include dinner in your dating regimen anymore.  The benefit isn't worth the cost.
2) The overall gain is about half what it used to be.  With ALL of the social perks, I am only gaining +42-44 relationship per date, where it used to be 80+.  If you do not have the social perks, I imagine that dating will be an even longer process, if you are only getting half of what I'm getting (20-25 points), or about a quarter heart per date instead of half to three quarters.
3)  Gifting on a date is an absolute waste of a gift.  Even one that would normally give you 6-8 relationship by itself gives NOTHING (no difference) as to the number of relationship points rewarded at the end of a date, even if it advances the mood by a significant amount, it is still no better than using your token to do something that is free when the final relationship count is totaled at the end.  You are much better off giving a gift either before or after the date so that you get full value.
3)  Gifting has become easier since many residents will now declare (from time to time) what some of their gifting preferences may be.  Many of these items are now craftable, while many are still elusively in the development stage.  It will be a big help in the long run, I think.  If there is a specific person you are courting, and you find a craftable preference, then you can have a stockpile of goods to boost them up in relationship fairly quickly with daily gifting.
4) The sparring bonus does not seem to work all of the time.  I think that there is a minimum 1-2 points per spar with the full bonus, and there are a few (like Mint) who gave me +1 on the first fight, +2 on the second fight, and +0 on the third fight. 

I think it is fun that Gust and Russo fight for Ginger if you challenge her to get the extra points.  Russo is a beast in the ring, if you haven't fought him.  Easily the best fighter in town.
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