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My Time at Portia enters Early Access on Jan 23rd 2018!

Author Topic: Thoughts and suggestions after 21 hours.  (Read 76 times)


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Thoughts and suggestions after 21 hours.
« on: May 23, 2018, 03:31:40 AM »

Ok so after 20 or so hours of gameplay i finally feel like i've seen enough of this game to make a suggestion post based on my thoughts thus far. The first thing is i'm having a great time with the game. There is so much to do so its actually hard finding the short comeing in each part of the game. If something isn't that great you quickly dismiss it because there is something great right around the corner. In fact most of my suggestions were thoughts i've had in the last 3-4 hours of playing. So lets begin.

1. This is my largest complaint, NPC's need more depth. There is a lot of really interesting characters, and some very boring ones. There are quite a few NPCs that i've never heard more then 1 line of dialog from. Others only have 2-3, and many others i just don't care to talk to at all. For instance outside of cut scenes and a fetch quest Sam always says the exact same thing every time i talk to her. I almost got her to 2 hearts expecting more dialog once i'm out of the stranger zone, but i got nothing but a fetch quest. This really detracts from the immersion of this wonderfully explorative world. I feel like beyond all else this is one of the first things that should be changed. I feel like this is doubly important for the kinda "side" characters. You at least get to know sam because she appears in cut scenes, but what about the others. You got all those brothers who aren't visually that much different, good character development would make all the difference between "quirky twins" and "lazy development". With those characters in particular the personality differences must be immediately obvious and stick with you otherwise they just seems like filler characters (I honestly feel like they are).

2. Focus a lot more on fleshing out current content. There is a lot to explore already, but a lot of it feels empty. Much like my first suggestion making the town feel alive will make it a lot less necessary to go out and explore and make doing so a lot more rewarding and seem a lot less grindy. Adding a new dungeon only adds as much content as it takes to do that dungeon, but to fully experience a really fleshed out town may take more then one playthrough effectively doubling all other additions. My biggest complaint with the harvest moon game Magical melody was the lack of town interaction when compared to its gamecube predecessor a wonderful life. Despite quite the list of new features the fact that the characters in MM was so much more 2 dimensional. I really love the quests where you do the commission's to upgrade the town. It feels so satisfying to place down those street lamps and bus stops. Mayby attach some of that to the townsfolk like the printing press quest. So now depending on who you help will help shape the town as a whole. Mayby even add rivalries so if you help one person another may not want your help. Most of your player base come from harvest moon, animal crossing, and stardew valley. Its important to look at games in those franchises and see what they did to make you care about what your doing. A player who cares about the game is more likely to stick around.

3. I'll get a lot of flack for this one, but the game is very ambitious. Once finished i'd say this would be one of the most content packed games of all time right up there with many AAA titles like skyrim. I already can see it and the games fairly early still. But i know this makes a tight budget and can easily kill small developers. I know i'm beating a dead horse here, but really flesh out your current content and maybe save some of those late game dungeon ideas or other features as possible DLC items. Games like Stardew Valley didn't leave much room for DLC so i've been a strong advocate for the developer to just move on to a sequel. But i see a ton of optional content options for this game. At a $20 base price you get alot for your money (assuming the current features reach completion) I would have no regrets paying another 20 for a proper expansion pack to the game once its complete.

Well i hope this gives some new things to think about, i know its not the most helpful list but i really see this game going in the right direction. You guys obviously really care about this game, it really shows. Its beautiful, and plays very well. The only trap i see is trying to pack too much into a game with no means to finish it. I really appreciate the low price, it really takes you by surprise once you open up the game and see something that looks incredibly professional. I really look forward to next update and spending more time at Portia.