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Author Topic: The cave on Amber Island Bugged - can't progress  (Read 322 times)


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The cave on Amber Island Bugged - can't progress
« on: May 06, 2018, 01:03:15 PM »

I have a problem here the on the "The Cave on Amber Island" mission, the bandirat prince boss doesn't attack and I can't progress. I can't fight the rat prince or his 2 bandirats and he doesn't fight me, he just stands there.

Reloaded saved, verified integrity and still same, he just stands there.

I had left the cave using that blue portal previous to fighting him as I didn't even realise he was down there I thought that was the mission done. I went back in using the portal to get to him a few days later and found this issue where he just stands there and I can't progress or fight him,

I don't want to have to start again, I have put a lot of time into the game so far.

Output log:

Posted this on the "I cant fight the rat king thread" but think that is a completely different mission.

Someone on the wiki posted in the comments in feb, dont leave the cave or you wont be able to complete

I have uninstalled and reinstalled but the bug is still there. Can't load an earlier save so i'm stuck here  :'( :'(


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Re: The cave on Amber Island Bugged - can't progress
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2018, 11:40:48 PM »

FYI:  I did leave the cave and come back and was able to finish with no problems in an earlier version (3.7: I left to upgrade my pick so that I could get the crystals.) This is a new bug.